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  • Filip Hällgren

    I am a true sith lord and I wanted it should have ended with luke takes vaders helmet and said i'm vader but, Nooo he changed so the kids would have a good time. What about us siths who wants the empire to win

  • Kirk Tingblad

    In "The Empire Strikes Back", a faceless intercom voice in the Rebel's Base says, "The first transport is away." Is the very first voice over work ever performed by Mark Hamill, who would gain fame for his portrayal of the Joker in "Batman The Animated Series".

  • Alexander Northover

    I recently re-watched the Phantom Menace and honestly, I don't think it's THAT bad. All I thought was terrible was how Jar Jar Binks was so out of place (and completely unfunny and unnecessary), the acting for Anikan was quite cheesy and often fairly bad, but hey it's a child actor and I really think that Natalie Portman did atrociously as Amidala. Other than that, the film felt epic, the other Gungans aren't bad, some of them are even heroic and the lightsaber fights are awesome along with the performances of Ewan McGregor and Liam Neeson.

  • James Royce-Dawson

    just goes to show that even in the early years, George Lucas truly didn't understand what made Star Wars good, and had to have all his film maker friends tell him "no" in order to get a good product out of him.

  • Kakka Carrot Cake

    Man, when I was younger I have so much god damn Star Wars Lego.. It was the shit. And I can't find a single photo of the glorious set up :(

  • Alfred Wednt

    11. Darth Vader originally had a gay twin brother who died mysteriously…. Sadly his pink light saber was never found….

  • RightURKen7

    #11 Han DID NOT shoot first. He was the ONLY shooter. There was no second shot so you can not say "Han shot first"

  • Bob Saget

    Fact: C3PO had a secret love affair with R2D2 resulting in a deformed android baby which has grown into who Carrie Fischer currently is today.

  • Hank Wimbleton

    Maybe its because I haven't seen it in a while, but I liked the phantom menace. I understand the issues with it, especially regarding jar jar binks, but I feel like a lot of the hatred is because its popular to hate it.

  • MetalRAGE230

    Phantom menace was not even that bad, Star Wars fans are the most nostalgia ridden complainers in all of Sci-fi culture get over it.

  • Addison Hunt

    why do you people always talk abut theprequels they are good movies and have great soundtracks also we would not know about the past if we had not seen them, you are not a real fan if you hate you cant support one side and talk about the other side