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  • Joe Okai

    If I was the auburn AD I'd have been upset if the students didn't storm the field after a game and a win like that. Worth every penny!

  • Wonder Twins

    You guys WERE lucky to beat Georgia and Texas A and M, and when you played Florida State, you got the first taste of Winston and his close calls. So you needed that loss in the National Championship Game.

  • Bobby Mock

    Its OK bama we got y'all FSU smacked them in their mouths with that 100 yard return stupid fuckers got smacked Alabama y'all shoula won that was messed up but auburn got what they reserved with their dirty self's go bama and FSU

  • Ronald Terry

    The dreaded POINT OF EMPHASIS eyes may cause the hurry up spread teams to slow down a bit with officials beingnow told to keep a veryclose eys on limen being set in their stance for a one full second and ineligiblelinemen downfield. Linemen haveone fullyard beyond the line of scrimmage beforethey are ruled in ineligible. Auburn andOregon have been made out to be the biggest violator and my beat a disadvantage this year.Auburn's gaming tying TD was used as an examplebyofficiating crews acrossthe country about linemen being downfield with the spead option teams getting away with it at an alarming rate. This TD (frame 1:031:08), if called correctly,shouldhavebeen disallowed.A flag should been thrown for several inelgible receiversdown field. They had offensive linemen downfield and it will be closely watched this year. With spead teams guilty of this over 95% of the time and with this being a point of emphasis this year to watch for it, I wonder how much will this slow the game.

  • Payton Cardin

    Auburn let me ask u guys n gals something alabama has beat you guys so many times it's pitiful you guys just got so lucky

  • bambang303378

    I just realized. C Davis won this game for Auburn. But it was him as well that got beat by that tall FSU dude in the national championship game. I am just saying.

  • MrDBOne Au (mrdboneau)

    It doesn't take luck to be in these games. We keep it close and hope luck plays a part. Just so happens that we had back to back lucky plays go our way. It's payback for what we had to endure last year. War Eagle!