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  • miscophi

    No clock, no score, no passing, no dancing, no celebrations, no high fives, no taunting, no sideline reporting, no halftime extravaganza, no 6-hour pregame droning. Just play ball, win, and walk away. And Jake Scott's mother was a psychiatrist.

  • sportshistorybuff

    The irony of this game is that the Redskins absolutely dominated the Packers and Cowboys in the playoffs, 42-6, looking almost unbeatable on defense, while Miami only played as well as they needed to beating the Browns and Steelers, trailing both. Strangely,Allen's Skins never won another playoff game in three tries against the Vikings and Rams.

  • William Mark Dyer

    I had recently turned 6, and my parents had gotten a color tv during the fall of 1972. This is the first Super Bowl that I really have memories of. I was definitely a Dolphins fan.

  • fwb41

    Frustrating to watch Kilmer running Brown all the time…sometimes Harraway…no wonder the Dolphins defense was able to key on Brown, while stifling the Redskins offense…Why didn't Kilmer pass more, seeing that Brown was neutralized pretty much (the only reason Brown finished the game with 72 yards rushing was because he had 22 carries)…Kilmer had Taylor, Jefferson, and Smith…also Brown out of the backfield…to pass to, all top notch receivers, so why did Kilmer insist on running Brown into the ground, to no effect (or was that George Allen's doing…Allen had more control over the Redskins offense with Kilmer playing, than with Jurgensen, and Allen preferred a conservative style of offense…he was a Defense oriented coach)? I hate to say it…Kilmer being my idol and hero…but it was a shame that Jurgensen had to be lost for the season…if Jurgensen had been able to play in the game…I think the Redskins could well have Won.

  • Chuck Lawson

    If you'll notice, the perfect season aspect gets mentioned in the open, and then not much again until the 4th quarter. Today it'd get mentioned every commercial break. Overall though, this was a pretty boring game to watch.

  • JN Hutchi

    I've only watched about 5 minutes so far, but these commentators are horrible. It was obvious what happened on the replay of Miami's first punt…a Redskins player swatted the ball as it was snapped. Don't know how the commentators missed that.

  • Jon Burrows

    Funny, while this is the first Super Bowl I ever watched and remember it fairly well, I do not recall the next one much at all and have absolutely no recollection of the one two years later (Steelers-Vikings).