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  • TimaScribbles

    Three very intelligent men debating at a high level of sophistication. Absolutely puts our present-day debates to shame. And the best part: they actually answer each other's questions!

  • BleuBlancoFilms

    Canuck Politics……..Thanks for posting all of these Canadian Federal Leader's debates from all of the election years.

  • persiankitty12345678

    Three amazing politicians. Everyone so cool and calm. You can tell they all respect each other. Nowadays they all just yell at each other

  • Julian Smith

    This should be mandatory viewing for Trudeau Jr., May, Mulcair, M Traitor, and The Right Honourable Swine Harper.

    I have never and will never vote Conservative, but even Joe Clark would be a better PM than most of the candidates over the past years since Mulroney ruined this country.

  • Theory Neutral

    Can't stop listening to Trudeau. He was brilliant. If his son can do half as good a job, we'll be OK. Proud to be Canadian again today. We don't want perfection. We want genuine effort.

  • Dexter Arthur

    None of the politicians of today are capable of matching the skill and articulation of these extraordinary men. Excellent debate, thanks for posting it!

  • Ben Nind

    Now this is a debate. Respectful, honourable, intelligent and articulate. It puts a shame to all that we have witnessed recently. We have much to learn by re-listening to this and by demanding that our leaders listen, respect, not interrupt but debate for the strength of eachto emerge and not their weaknesses.

  • Alastair Maxwell

    Im sorry we have sunk to the level of targeted bit byte ideology currently used by our current incumbent neo-cons. This was debating,moderated and respectful.