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    John Facenda what a great voice for narration,He and also Harry Kalas was great to listen to,It's not the same whoever narrates 4 NFL films today even though things were more simple,Less is truly more

  • Brian Webster

    "But let's put 1980 into perspective, shall we?" When they made the video, they were selling the notion that 1980 (and losing in the playoffs) was merely one more step toward an eventual Super Bowl.

    The Falcons did eventually get to that Super Bowl. 18 years later. I think that puts 1980 into perspective.

  • David Lance Roten

    Should have been the Kardiac Browns vs the Falcons in the Super Bowl. Both lost in devastating fashion on the same Sunday however…

  • JBSptfn

    This is the year that Atlanta and Buffalo should have been in the Super Bowl. Atlanta should have beat Dallas, and if Joe Ferguson's ankle wasn't hurt, the Bills probably hold on and beat San Diego. Both teams would have won their conference title games, and they would have been on to New Orleans.

  • les fender

    i 've looked for this on youtube before. thanks for uploading this! i was at the 49er game in ATL. I was 10. that Dallas loss really hurt. i cried. always hated the cowboys. (and Yankees)

  • Drew Rainwater

    What a terrible call, he was so offsides. They would have got a first down and won the game. Probably the same refs who ripped us off in the NFC championship.

  • kingmackattack42

    I remember watching this game with my dad. He was so mad because of all of the bad calls the refs made or missed that day.
    I was heartbroken.

  • foreveralive

    That was Joe Montana's rookie season out in SF. After that, there would be no looking back, and ATL was never again in contention for the NFC West for the remainder of Montana's tenure in SF. Still, for a couple of seasons there, those Falcons were a great team, but they twice couldn't get over the hump against Dallas in the post season. Those were heart breaking losses to watch back in the day.

  • Allen Griffin

    I WAS a huge Falcons fan, I grew up with them. I was there at the playoff game with Dallas freezing my ass off. Watching them lose the game in the last two minutes was crushing. Now I root for Dallas…. to lose!!!! Forever! And NO! I'm not bitter…. much.