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  • Matthew Kowal (Matt102490)

    If the track was like that when they finally went full green NASCAR today would not be racing and they would still be drying the track, going 200+MPH on a track that is only 2/3 dry shows you have huge guts. This was the only time that Cale won the July race at Talladega, yet he won the Spring race Winston 500 a few times, but it took him over a decade and a half to finally win the Talladega 500. Penultimate win, #82.

  • Michael McIntyre

    Coverage during the early rain delay and when the field was under the "Green/Yellow" still beats anything TV does now without a delay.

  • Landon Sewell

    I remember reading an article in an old magazine called Circle Track and Ernie Elliott did an interview and one of the reason it was so hard for other cars to draft off of Bills Thunderbird was not just it was a superior car as far as aero wise, but they decided to have their T-Bird smaller than the others such as Cale's T-Bird i remember looking at pictures of both cars and Bills car was smaller and also, the Elliott's did not have factory backing like the other Ford teams. Dale even said it best the Elliott's are the reason for Fords success other than the car itself and engine block 351 Cleveland they used no Ford parts

  • John DeSocio

    at the 2 hour mark, you've got 2 chevy's up front, and elliot's ford pulls up and past them on his own…no draft. i always wonder what was under the hood on the #9!

  • Philip Kerry

    the feature on technology was interesting. you can almost see if nascar had gone in a different direction it wouldve ended up like formula 1 or sports car racing, hugely technological and focused more on engineering than drivers