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  • Jay Nicks

    The PI Call, that was a pretty slight push. I wonder if people would be complaining that their should have been a penalty if one wasn't originally called. honestly, I don't know about that one.
    The TD run by Big Ben, I wonder if they would have over-turned it if they had originally not called a TD. Personally, I would not of given that one to them, but either way, the Steelers would have gone for it on 4th and goal at the 1. Cowher even said so before the play occurred.
    The holding call, Now that I think was a bad call. first of all the guy was offsides ( he was offsides the following play as well and the wasn't called, that's bad) Personally, They should have called him for offsides, and Seattle would have declined it, or at least have them be offsetting penalties.
    Then later Hasselbeck's penalty for basically making the tackle, that was just ridiculous. But that Int never would have happened had not for the holding call earlier.

    Overall, I guess it could have been worse, but this is definitely known as one of the more if not most controversial Super Bowls in NFL history for pretty good reasons. (one of them being that most of the Super Bowls didn't reek of much controversy.

  • SHRChevy4

    I sort of wish the Steelers wore their black jerseys for this game. Even the Packers wore their green jerseys and they played all their playoff games on the road.

  • Brandon Couch

    I looked at the play probably 10 times..if you look closely and pause and play slowly..I feel like the ball BARLEY goes over its so close it's crazy but to me the ball does shave the white line. Idk it's so close. It could have gone both ways. If any Seahawks fans say they got robbed and the call was "clear" you are blind.