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  • zero

    Pick a fucking language. The only people who can understand the entirety of this debate are bilingual, and they are the one group to whom it doesn't matter which language is spoken. So pick a fucking language, French speakers aren't served by this format, nor are English speakers. It's absurd.

  • K. Merth

    It's ridiculous, Canada has four sitting parties in the house yet only three idiots are ever on stage…how do you vote for people that refuse to allow time to all four…kinda defeats the meaning 'democratic' or 'free electoral system', before you even vote…

  • Michelle Fabrizio

    i can't watch it it flipping back and forth between languages. I don't know if it's my ADD but i can't concentrate.

  • Chico Mendez

    All I say is Canada has to get as far from the States as possible,quit chasing jackasses,and elephants to all these BS wars the US has been shoving down Canadians throats.How stupid are these guys we vote for ? All this terrorism,WMD,ISIS,Al Qaeda etc…were either flat out lies,or trained funded by CIA US.They been doing it from Latin America to Asia for decades.If they want to go to war let them.We Canadians should distance and do our own business with the rest of the world. That's why Canadians are well liked all over the world.

  • Youtube's AVIC the Gamer

    Loved this debate the best, actually got to hear what the 3 had to say rather than trying to pick through their words, what with them talking over each other and all.

  • An Individual

    Oct. 18, tomorrow's voting day, tomorrow will continue just as we were, but with a differnt PM. Wonder what being said now about ISIS? Russia? big bad for Harper, the man that would not talk to the man that is single handedly, well with him army, taking out ISIS in a couple of months? by Christmas , the refugees can go home ? Where does Canada stand now I wonder? I am going o predict and congratulate Trudeau? for tomorrow?……….. boo

  • Tricia Walsh

    Holy, they want to inter-grade partners with Mexico, USA and Canada as one to help the economy to create the New world order dollar which has already been proceeded… ahhhhhhh. Also, I was Like Ya at first to NDP Before this Debate, all Mulcair does is attack both Harper and Trudeau… I vote Liberals. Plus, Justin also has most reasonable, sensible points and is great in presentation and speaking.