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  • Ben Henkel

    It's funny how people get mad at that last ouchdown, yet no one bats an eye towards TCUs 83 on Texas Tech.

  • SneakySonBeach

    i love how even when ohio state wins and proves themselves they still do something wrong. "the last touchdown was not needed" at the end of the day this is football and you play to win. oregon was known to be a fast scoring offense and a great one at that. but to say ohio state is wrong for scoring in a game where that is the objective doesn't make sense to me.

  • ZzNoxious -KnockoutzZ

    Oh well great year for Oregon even though they lost the National Championship. Still a die hard Ducks fan. GO DUCKS!

  • AlphaDwg

    This was a physical beat down similar to the beatdown Bama put on Notre Dame. In fact if OSU didn't turn the ball over 4 times the score would have been even worse than the Alabama Notre Dame game. Oregon needs to take a long hard look at how they play football and the type of players they recruit. I'm all for tempo but you can't win a championship on a gimmick alone. You need studs. More importantly you need studs upfront and in that front 7. It's the same story for these teams who lose in the National Championship every year, it seems, except for last year when FSU and Auburn were evenly matched physically. But usually one team is just more physically dominant than the other team. You can have tempo but I don't think you can be all tempo tempo tempo lets go fast and not actually try to move people off the ball. Football is a physical game. OSU and the great SEC teams, USC when they were elite, Oklahoma when they were elite, all showed that you can play fast and still be physical upfront and move people at the line of scrimmage. Oregon is all finesse. Not that many physical players on the team. They need to reevaluate the type of players they recruit. They can still do the tempo thing but they have to get better upfront in order to win a championship. Every year the team that wins the tittle is t big, strong AND fast. Oregon eventually have to face that team and beat that team if they want to win it all and the way they are constructed now I don't think they can.

  • BlackFox0911

    Hey Urban. That one was on us. Wouldn't want what happened the LAST time Saban whipped that ass to happen AGAIN. You're welcome

  • Jr. Gaming

    Coming into this video I thought there was going to be a lot of smack talking going on… But there wasn't. I'm a huge ducks fan and I see a national championship game at least, very soon. Oregon needs to start recruiting big strong players instead of fast.
    Great game Ohio state hope to see you in the future, but putting up a good game.

  • Wayne Tillman

    This is what happens when a football team takes care of the football and actually hits your qb, unlike FSU, who really shit the bed

  • thomas bratkovich

    2:36:40 Mariota slides? Slides? It's the national championship game….somebody tell the Ducks program. Why did he slide? is he trying to not get his outfit dirty? It's the championship game 3 minutes left & his team is down 15 points. And he chooses to slide? No courage Oregon. Small, weak defense….did that defense think Ohio State would be afraid of it just based on them being the great Oregon? Did either offensive or defensive line every work out with weights? That Armstead is big but he's as soft as a soft serve ice cream. That is melting. Oregon=soft like tissue.

  • Wwf for life 1009

    I don't know why some people where so suprised by it you get Oregon third and long and there like a deer in head lights

  • FordFalcon1962nBlue

    the officiating crew here was the same one on the packers/cowboys game who claimed a ball 3 feet short of the down marker was a first down lmao