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  • Anthony L

    This game was the sheer definition of poetic justice for Packer fans. The NFC Championship still hurts like a MF, but man this game helped.

  • x THE FAK3 OG

    What some fans will never understand. After watching the Tyree catch and the Manningham catch. Knowing that for the third time a fluke play may have screwed you is the lowest (at least for me) I have felt. Emotionally distraught and beaten by the past. Then Marshawn's run almost going in and watching and wondering why BB didn't call the timeout. Seeing the pick play and knowing an undrafted rookie was supposed to gaurd that. Then seeing him catch it and realizing that it was in fact real. Maybe the highest I've been emotionally to date. That will be one of my most vivid memories until I die. I watch the play at least 4 times a week.

  • assaultguy96

    Fun Fact: The Vikings Offensive Coordinator back in 2010 when they lost to the Saints in the NFC championship is the current one for the Seahawks! He makes everybody choke!

  • redmicasupra

    I don't even like the Patriots, but Malcolm Butler getting that Super Bowl-winning interception is one of the coolest sports moments I've ever seen.

  • P2P 6God

    Damn i hope theres more superbowls like this where its close at the end.. There usually is like the Cardinals vs Steelers and Ravens vs 49ers which are more recent

  • eric mckay

    you know what bothers me. its that ppl disrespect the patriots a lot. im a pats fan but also have respect for every other team while lets say immature bills fans saying "cheatriots." all i gotta say is grow up and respect greatness when u see it. Deflategate was all bs and anyone with a brain knows it. Greatest SB I've ever watched.

  • Adam Williams

    The Seahawks were so close so very close but one yard away. The Patriots were better team Tom Brady pick apart one of the best defense in the NFL even though Brady threw two interceptions in the game he shake it off and threw for over 300 yards and four touchdowns
    To this day I still think the Seahawks should of given it to Marshawn Lynch on the last play at Super Bowl 49 if Lynch gets in the End Zone we would be having a different Conversation but I'm glad that the Patriots won!!!!!! Congratulations Boston!!!!
    I'm Giants fan and Ravens fan but I have deep respect for Tom Brady!!!!!

    Legion of Boom more like the Legion of Morons!!!!!!

  • FireTiger941

    2:24:38 If you look at the top of the screen you can see that Marshawn Lynch was wide open with hardly any coverage! So whether they had passed or ran, they STILL should have given to ball to Lynch!