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  • Tekkenismyworld

    +Justin Haas Uh didn't you read my comment to you from my last prediction video? I would also like to add that last time I checked the Bucs O-line is inexperienced pretty much.

  • Tekkenismyworld

    +Spencer DeCraene If you want to see why I put your team at 4-12: you can go read the reasoning under my predicted record for them in my outdated video if you like.

  • Nathan McFall

    Panthers finishing 3rd and being 6-10 is literally ridiculous. They have one of the best defenses, probably top 3, in the league. And their offense is Much improved from past year. I'm sorry but, even though I agreed mostly on your predictions, you are highly understating the panthers

  • Patrick Giesler

    The Steelers aren't going 7/9 they have the hardest schedule for a reason 1 Running back 1Receiver and a top 10 Qb in Big Ben There defense has improved to by adding big 6 3 cornerbacks from the draft. I'm a Jags Fan but I don't agree I think the Steelers are supetbowl material

  • Marylandbrony

    My version:

    1: Patriots (Easy season and Jimmy seems nice)
    2: Colts (Duh)
    3: Ravens (My Team and the rest of the division seems sleepy)
    4: Chargers (Manning is falling and Rivers needs to keep his job)
    5: Dolphins (This years great upset)
    6: Texans (Need QB but everything else is good)

    1: Cowboys (Even without Murray can do a lot of damage and confidence)
    2: Packers (Duh again)
    3: Panthers (Seems solid compared to the rest)
    4: Seahawks (Wilson,Carroll and Graham keep a divided team together)
    5: Falcons (Matt Ryan Comeback but screws up division)
    6: Vikings (Narrows out Detroit and Philly with veterans)

    Dolphins beat Chargers (Obligatory Upset)
    Ravens beat Texans (Brain Hoyer remembers he's in Baltimore and screws up)
    Falcons beat Seahawks (Comeback remember?)
    Panthers beat Vikings (New beats old)

    Dolphins beat Patriots (Tom Brady is not interested in ring number 5)
    Colts beat Ravens (Andy wants it more than Joe)
    Cowboys beat Falcons (Oddly close match but the Cowboys have a chip to get over)
    Packers beat Panthers (Cam Newton freezes up)

    Conference Camps
    Colts beat Dolphins (Easy as pie)
    Cowboys beat Packers (Similar to Ravens V.S Patriots Cowboys learn a lot on stopping offences)

    Super Bowl 50:
    Cowboys beat Colts (Tony Romo wanted it way more than Andy)

  • David Moore

    Grade: B+

    Most predictions are spot on in my opinion. I think the Chiefs will win the division, I think the Fins could be very well a 10-6 team. You're one of the first NFL predictors who don't have a bias against your team. There are some surprising picks for me to see. Minnesota will be 10-6 in my opinion, but I don't think they're worthy to win the division while Aaron Rodgers is in Green Bay. I also can't see the Bucs (my team) being 2-14. I think 6-10 would be a reasonable prediction, as we have a Heisman winning QB, a good reciever duo, and having imposing players such as Gerald McCoy and Lavonte David (could be the new Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks) won't have us at 2-14. I have to admit that your comment about the Bucs O-line being crappy is true, otherwise we would be at .500 or more. I'm also shocked about you putting the Giants 3-13. They do have Vereen in the backfield now, and OBJ will be more advanced.

  • Akshay S. Krishnan

    I think you have some good predictions. The problem I see is with the ravens being better than the steelers by 3 games those 2 should always be within 2 wins of each other for various reasons.

  • Synco

    My prediction with the final 8 in Divisional Picks are:

    I do hope Cards can pull it off even better than last season and keep Palmer. Go Cards!