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  • dutchsinse

    People saying "control burns".. well.. WHERE ARE THE CONTROL BURNS NOW, YESTERDAY, AND THE DAY BEFORE?

    Can't see them at all ! LOL

    Can't see the control burns on GOES visible… epic.

    Where are they guys?! Thought they were doing a bunch of burns.. so… we should be able to see them yesterday and today for sure.. clear days..

  • Marcus4president

    can i just add that all these volcanoes erupting in asia are adding so much ash and dust in the atmosphere and the jet stream picks it up and well more percipitation.. plus the chemtrailing ect = floods

  • Roger Thunderhands Gilbert

    The Sunset Crater is right near a whole complex of Dormant Volcanoes with the San Francisco Peals being the highest at 12,500 feet! Huge! The Hopi say it is one of the four mountains holding up the world and the Kachinas (spirits) live there. It's funny because having been raised there and having tracked that whole area as a young man (teenager) I have been thinking recently a lot about this area that I love and have lived in. My thoughts have been "what if the Peaks become active?" That whole area has a history and rich soil from the Volcanic activity a long time ago! And of course the Hopi are also major prophets of things that have already happened!

  • kevin bauer

    An excellent Report from the Dutchsinse Channel about steam plumes being spotted in the Southern US and Mexico.
    Peace Y

  • Cory Martin

    Dark areas collect more radiation. Radiation leads to heat. Heat rises. Rising air bring moisture past its dew point. CAUSING CLOUDS.

  • kittensugars

    All those buttes – the blackheads & zits of the Earth…gettin irritated, gee I wonder why.
    Thanks for your work, Dutch. Maybe we'll get some seismic activity along with our hurricane remnants. I need some weather to record, it's damn boring in the desert, all we do is bake and shrivel like raisins.

  • jessy danison

    its a regular problem to have small quakes in that area in general , just had 2 4.0 mag quakes in the last couple hours close to that ares

  • skywriter1962

    Oh I believe alright, I have seen a rather large steam plumes event with my own 2 eye's, these were on top of the mt's north of Phoenix back on Dec. 22nd 2013.

  • ddavel5441

    Sorry, I live in Utah, and if this were so, we'd hear about it. But it's not so. Check this out that I found:
    Dutchsinse is a terrible source for anything
    Permalink Submitted by Steve Brown on Fri, 2015-06-05 11:19
    I'm a desert journalist in California. Please NEVER believe or share any posts by Dutchsinse if you care anything for intelligent analysis, science, or accuracy. He posted weather radar images of thunderstorms over the Mojave (where I live), and insisted they were giant gas plumes being emitted from the earth. Even when I pointed out they were obviously the thunderstorms passing through our area, he insisted they were geologic activity instead. If you can't tell a thunderstorm from geologic phenomena, and you argue about it with people who happen to be in the area who know what is going on, then you're a lousy source of information for pretty much everything.
    - See more at: http://www.arizonahighways.com/?q=blog/no-sunset-crater-volcano-not-erupting#sthash.9Px82b1h.dpuf

  • Andrew J

    Wow….that's a heavy column of quakes above the Puerto Rico area (where I am)! USGS reports say we have had 50 since y'day.

    Small and most out to sea but an attention getter. We had a 6.5 just over a year ago. The third one felt since I'm living in PR.

  • jjaapp18

    The people at the park are saying this video is unfounded and no activity has been seen by any of the park staff. It's an extinct cinder volcano and shouldn't erupt again, because that's the nature of that type of volcano. The only way an eruption would happen in the area is if a new volcano was forming, but again, no activity has been recorded/witnessed in the area.

  • RockStarPreacher

    What's up, Dutch~
    If anything pops off in those states, I'm calling JADE HELM.

    Oh, and in case anyone doesn't know yet, Jade means Stone. Helm means Guide.
    Jade Helm is the implementation of the Georgia Guidestones Commandments.
    Eugenics. One World Religion, that sort of thing.

    Jesus is coming to break a Holy Sandal off when He gets here.
    "Those who hurt the Earth shall be destroyed."

  • Lisa Mcguire

    Thanks once again for the info. I was wondering what you thought about all the disappearing lakes around the world? The Salton Sea is understandable under the circumstances, but I have noticed there seems to be a lot of lakes around the world that are disappearing. Any thoughts?