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  • Texas Storm Chasers

    Join us at 9 PM tonight for a discussion along with a Q&A session about the upcoming forecast. We'll likely have Tropical Storm Bill develop tomorrow and it will move into Texas early this week. Significant/dangerous flooding and tornadoes look to be the two biggest threats. Join us at 9 PM tonight here on YouTube!

  • jennyburger07

    I have BIG things to share this week…so hopefully, I'm going to get a video out this week. If you see a video from me anytime in the next few days…please CLICK! I'm thinking…IF there's anything to Jade Helm…and again…that's a big IF…then it's likely they're going to use the weather to implement it! That's just the tip of the ice-berg though! They're saying this tropical storm ("Bill")…aka Invert 91L (911 reference?) is CERTAIN to cause SERIOUS flooding, AT LEAST somewhere in Texas! Houston…you MAY have a problem! Take care, everybody!