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  • Jackie Wilson

    I cant find the vita tops at walmart or scholaries or Costco tomorrow I will try Rallys I heard they are in the freezer section is that true?

  • Silvia Gomez Abdulrahman

    I know you work full time but is it possible for you to do actual recipes or at least write recipes that you do with the points plus. I wish I knew what you ate everyday…lol
    I am just starting WW on my own and think your the best there is on Youtube for this! BTW Congrats for such a wonderful and exciting weight loss, you are gorgeous!

  • Leviathan 61'

    I'm finding my points depressing. I get 21 per day. All of my beverages, except milk are sugar-free. Plain water makes me wretch. There's virtually no meats that don't take up my points. I love dairy foods and pasta. According to the online food points, I can have about 1 oz. of pasta/spaghetti. Not worth the effort? I am disabled, 5'1", 216lbs. and over 50. Is there hope for me?

  • Catina Schmidt

    I am on WW and I have been doing it WRONG!! lol!! I need to go grocery shopping and continue to buy the Boca burgers, the light English muffins and the Vita Tops. Your dessert looked amazing and all of that food for 26 points! Everyday I topple out at 32 points and I feel horrible at the end of the day. Thank you so much!!

  • Sally H

    Love your videos! Would you please do more videos of what you eat during the day? I can't seem to lose weight on ww. :( thanks!

  • sunnbutterflys1

    I could just cry, so I had your 8 point Sunday dinner treat today. But I ate it before I put the items in my tracker. My tracker listed my 6 inch turkey hoagie at 8 points!! I thought you bought the whole 10 hoagie and cut it not the 6 inch! sniff

  • Fernando Kolunga

    Hi everyone, if anyone else is searching for how to lose weight fast try- Sillexer Amazing Physique Builder (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my sister got incredible results with it.

  • busmom6543

    Wow ! How long did it take you to master and spread out points? I'm just starting out. I keep using all my points by lunch. I'm doing it all wrong.

  • Emily Strickland

    I weigh 192 and I want to be 145. Do you think I can lose it before November? I want to look and feel beautiful for my nephew's wedding.