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  • Ca Lonny

    So her attorney Tony Coleman, contends Chambers say's has a "mental illness" and blacked out and she does not recall hitting anyone, and she was distraught from losing her job. We all have some issues in our lives, to put the blame on her job is no excuses.

    Also where was her family or friends to stop her from getting a Lic#? If she's known to be ill.
    How come they never reported this? Was it on her medical record?
    If so how did she get her drivers Lic# in the first place.

  • catsalive1

    A course she is just devastated by this whole thing. Really do think the victims might be devastated too. Now I know I am not on a tangent. Where is the bullets???? Where is the suicide????? Oh I forgot she is a young good looking white woman My bad. I like that twang, Keep her in your prayers. It was just an unfortunate incident. We don't know what happened. I think Oklahoma doesn't have drug or alcohol testing. .Note to self, don't move to Oklahoma.