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  • MayweathervsPacquiaoNews

    Please Like & Share ! Do you think Adrien Broner should be more humble after this fight ? Leave a comment

  • chris mccabe

    It's bullshit fighters think it's ok to hold all fight Broner should have gotten many points off for holding..This kid trying to mimic the Floyd..It's a boaring way to fight at least Floyd didn't start fighting like that until late in his career….

  • joe Gonzalez

    AB you know. I got my ass beat once again you know. Am still the best you know. The one and only AB you know. Hahaha stupid little monkey

  • IronReef77

    Smh welp, I was wrong. Broner lost again. I didn't like his performance tonight. Congrats to Porter, the better man won

  • Byron Small

    AB need to grow up and knock off the Buffoonery…. He's a good boxer, but severely lacks humility. Hopefully he will learn from this lose and rebuild himself… If not, he's gonna be on E True Hollywood story in a few years.. Broke, alcoholic, In jail, speech greatly impaired for taken so many beatings.

  • Wayne Goldstraw

    Said all along Porter would win, he's a true pro. Broners attitude is all wrong, he needs to grow up a bit, drop back down in weight and maybe he can be a champion once again.

  • Y Hideit

    A.B. Lost trying to like Big Brother instead of fighting his fight, using his jab would have been a good start to keep Porter at bay. All that holding did was bring his stock down even further !

  • Keshon Ervin

    Let's make this clear every body will talk bad about AB but if you seen him in person you would want a autograph or a picture and act like you like him

  • Jacob Echavarria

    What a little bitch! That's what he get for talking shit. Instead of talking shit to porter he should've been training his ass off like porter. Stupid motherfucker.

  • Guadalupe Motley

    He should be humble thats why is catching up to him hes not mayweather he cant pay fighter to take a fall he should be himself

  • Aone Thomas

    Please! Shawn Porter is the sloppiest boxer in the game. Football player! Realist shit AB said…. Nothing! About what Shawn Porter does resembles boxing. . . Expect the same type of holding in everyone of Porters fights, because of the way he fights. Getting in close is one thing…. But, smothering all offense and pushing your opponent off balance in every exchange and swinging on them, while they are off balance is another. Please Porters quit talking about all the skills Porter has…. Football Player!

  • pierrelarouge

    Poor fight haha to all those suckas who bought ppv! ;), Porters style is not pretty and neither is Broners, Pacman would destroy them both easy, AB should fight Guerro or Khan, if he cant beat those then he should quit, or go back to 140 cuz his power is really strong at 140.

  • Juan Vargas

    Let's be real here he tried to fight like his big brother Floyd mayweather, holding, running away and one punch combination