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  • abyssinia4ever

    Put the army on the border and mine it, arrest any and all militant islamic clerics in the country, and begin the forced expulsion of all ethnic somali's in the country.

  • selah james

    It is interesting How this piece tries to paint Terrorist as victims of police brutality….Aboud Rogo was recruiting youths to kill fellow Kenyans….He was filmed training them….It is true we have death squad….They were first created to Eliminate the Mungiki and are now killing Extremists….But if the Judiciary has failed or if the law is weak in tackling Terrorism do we Sit and watch as these Demented Extremist continue Killing Innocent Kenyans…..If You declare Jihad be prepared to face the Infidel.

  • Eddie kimutai

    Al Jazeera is a Muslim propaganda machine just as the FOX network is the REPUBLICANS propaganda tool in the USA…now I understand why the AL JAZEERA journalists in EGYPT are in jail and they deserve it, no journalism ethics at all as depicted in this so called documentary…a one sided interview….KENYA we have a right to protect ourselves through all means and we have no apologies…….SYRIA, IRAQ, SOMALIA, LIBYA, AFGHANISTAN….what is the common denominator with all these countries???? leave KENYA alone…we are a CHRISTIAN nation.

  • SomaliNation

    Somalia will take back NFD(that consists of both land and sea) that the brittish gave to you. We will retake it in the future God willingly. Your government messed up by invading Somalia. Fuck Al shabab too. But your kenyan government is no better. You think your just gonna be able to mistreat my fellow Somali people? Although this clip is not about Somalis im just stating my opinion. KENYANS WAKE UP stop being slaves to the WEST..

  • BrotherMouzone

    These so called counter terrorism policemen must be fake. Who in their right mind would go public on such a sensitive issue and brazenly say they killed on orders from powerful people in government. That's like signing your own death warrant.

  • Peter Otieno

    Kenya will not win this war through guns and assassinations. You kill one, two are inspired. The best way to fix this is through counter ideology. Also get the fuck out of Somalia.

  • masiwa comorya

    Now i understand why Kenya's been targeted by alshabab. This is sad, kenyans are destroying their tourism industry by doing the dirty work for the west and israel.

  • nice_work columbo

    these western journalists who go to al Jazeera for a fat pay cheque of Saudi/Qatar etc are nothing but greedy traitors with no morals.

  • evans mumelo khisa

    Am not a Muslim but this is not the way to go because if we go on like this it will lead to war with somali which the US itself was unable to stop. I believe keanya is fighting a war that is not supposed to fight let us witdraw our force from somali n seal our boards but I know there are big pple brokers in government who will not like this war to end coz they r receiving blood dollars from the US.

  • keith mahone

    I love it! Kenya is providing a model for the West and Civilization in its war with barbaric Islam. They don't waste valuable resources responding to the threat of Islam. They just kill those assholes. No litigation jihad, with asshole Muslims tying a country in knots politically and judicially to protect its own remorseless killers when they get caught. You just get whacked. This model should be adopted everywhere until the shit stain of Islam is gone from the earth.