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  • RancePetersen

    Good thing is not going to be exclusive to shitty PS4 console. This gem deserves to be played on the best platform there is, the PC Master Race.

  • Jonnathan Sosa

    While I'm not that big on the Final Fantasy series,I am happyto see a game that many fans & gamers have been wantingfor so long isfinally getting what they want.

  • OwtDaftUK

    I was thinking Microsoft had done it they had won E3 hands down and that it was their best E3 ever. BUT THEN Sony pulled out the wild card, the card that equals win no matter what, no matter how shit everything else may or may not be. FFVII Remake!

  • Bad Kitty

    The following DLCs/Non DLC's will most likely happen (Just guessing)
    - Save Aerith story route (DLC)
    - Final battle with Genesis (DLC Story after DoC)
    - Play as Zack Fair (DLC)
    - Play as Hero Sephiroth (DLC)
    - New Summons
    - New Materia
    - Optional Dungeons
    - Level Cap Raised
    - Damage raised to 99,999
    - New Super Bosses
    - New Limit Breaks
    - Get usable Black Magic Meteor
    - Get usable White Magic Holy
    - Cloud's First Tsurugi with exclusive Limit Break Omnislash V5 (DLC)
    - Optional Advent Children outfits for Cloud, Tifa, Vincent (Turks mode) and Yuffie (Materia Hunter) (DLC)

  • Kekkersboy

    Been saying this for years. I loved Final Fantasy 7 loved it. But No this here isn't going to be Final Fantasy 7.
    When no one working on the game was involved in the original, and they've only been working on the titles that we don't like like the 13 series I'd rather have it left in my memories than see it run through the trash like they will.

    Now if Nomura can bring it back to what it was before then damn I'll be happy. But I'm not fond of all of the things done to the series in the years since.

  • Zbik04

    I cant wait to play it on the Xbox or HOPEFULLY my gaming PC. (but square is known to make poorly optimized pc games)

  • Travey Duck

    I bet they began working on this immediately after they embarrassed themselves with the FF7 PC port debacle.

  • FireGuyX

    FF7 was a good game, but it's not a game I'm too excited about. I could care less about the sequels, the prequels, characters, etc. Beating FF7 once was satisfying enough for me. I'd rather see a remake or a sequel to FF8. FF8 was a much more tougher game, but I did like the characters more. I still don't understand the battle system of FF8 that's why I would rather see a remake of that game. Anyways I'm more excited about Shenmue 3.

  • FilmStrife

    The thing that caught me is the narrator talking as if the Meteor already struck. Plus, the kids on the playgrounds had Buster Swords; how would they know Cloud unless he already killed Sephiroth (unless everyone knew about Zach). And they showed the highway in a state of decay, as if Midgar was already destroyed.