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  • Amaroq64

    The downside to Anonymous is that anyone who wants to call themselves Anonymous is automatically Anonymous. It's pretty much the point.

    Which means, Anonymous can stand for anything that anyone wants it to stand for. You can have right-wingers going Anonymous and attacking left-wingers, and left-wingers going Anonymous and attacking right-wingers, each claiming the name "Anonymous" for their cause.

    Heck, a while back, there were even two groups of Anonymous fighting against each other. One group of Anonymous fighting for the palestinians and another group of Anonymous fighting for the Israelis.

  • DamnitGoogle IWantMyNamePrivate

    I wanted to hear what Dr. Jack had to say kid! Get back on your seroquel please! Of all the shitty worthless fox interviews and shows you could have picked, this was not one of them. Dr. Jack was fighting for peoples rights to choose when they want to die. By blocking his speech you did society more harm than good. If you knew anything about the healthcare corporations their goal is to keep dying people alive and suffering as long as possible and run up the bill until no more bill can be run up. Hospice centers earn 100% of profits this way. They pump fluids in people who are not even conscious so they can bill for over 1,000 in services a day to the families. Some people just want the suffering to end and to leave the world in peace and their families not in debt. I say it is their life and their right. The last couple weeks of suffering before death is not living anyway.

  • Malachi Hassan

    I always had the biggest fascination in Anonymous I'm 14 but I think you guys really cool I was watch anonymous videos please tell me Anonymous is real everybody at school told me no I don't believe any of them though I know you guys are real.