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  • rawle95

    Anonymous can be anything and everything too say this is fake has no meaning or context in a movement that is of a fluid motion.

  • Jason Clegg

    the problem with this video is that it is 100% racist KKK propaganda. that means that whoever made this video; ALERT; is a racist bigot in America; or another nation. why would you do this to a black man in America who has worked so hard to make billions and feeds homeless people with his money and also provides for children at schools? did you know that Kanye is a Christian hugely and loves God and just raps and works just like Obama does in the office? did you know that he loves Kardashian so much? then why would you jealously mock Kanye online? you are a pervert and you really don't deserve to be in Anonymous.

  • fuckinglol

    This is the cringiest virgin neckbeard circle jerk I've ever seen. Wow, someone is more famous than you but never breaks the law or does something that hurts others. Let's take him down to compensate for our own small, miserable lives.

  • Junior Sanchez

    Shit man can u guys change it so his birth records state he was born nowhere near my city?? Kanye is a a fucking embarassment to Chicago. FUCK HIM FUCK KIM. done

  • ChichanSVT

    Its so hard for me to grasp my mind around how many ignorant and brain washed people there are in the comment section. They are so brain washed by todays society they don't even know it,its incredibly frustrating and saddening to see. They see this video as a joke, they make fun of it as if it was funny. How can you not get the message this video is so clearly sending?!

  • Dexter Morgan

    Disgrace… Another Soulless Zombie. Attention Craving Insecure Low Life Loser Fuckers. Fame Means Nothing When Your A Demon. No One Cares About Kanye West. Slave To Stupidity.

  • Ruby Rose

    If I had this kind of tech power, I wouldn't target Kanye.. I would target the whole media for allowing things like that.

  • xX Glorifiedpotato Xx

    How dare you. This is not anonymous. This is hate. We do not hate. We only correct. We fix mistakes, and free the people from corruption.