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  • blazejecar

    would it be possible to hack youtube? You make every video be a link to your message. With such a mass of people visiting youtube every day, your message would surely get across. Social media is where you find everybody. Find a way to stream your message there and you can reach masses

  • Polly Moosetrap

    If we're going to stop the governments from destroying the planet, we should hack the financial system and crash it. If we cut off their money, they have no power. If you cant hack, then stop paying your taxes. Stops paying your loans and credit cards. There will be no change if all we do is antagonize them so we need to seriously hurt them. The only way to do that is by crashing the stock market. If you really want to revolt against the government, you MUST STOP GIVING THEM YOUR MONEY.

  • Timothy Price

    The system is corrupt, and it has gone too far. We must rebel and push back. The Internet is a tool,our weapon. The time is now.Now we stand !Exposing their manufactured image, their lies, and fight against censorship.We will useit against them. Using review sites, forums,social media,and all legal means the Internet allows us to. In their greed, theyhave soldus the ropewith which we willhang them !

  • Olli Trolli

    What would happen if EVERYONE stayed at home tomorrow..!? Just going to the beach, the library, or just living life their own way.. I bet the rich would go..; Ohhh, sh!t..

  • MK Master

    I believe in a anonymous and their views they teach me things that would be impossible in school because school is just the government brainwashing us with what they want us to believe as adults but what does anonymous think about the assassination of Osama bin Laden

  • DoubleD 613

    I feel the government isn't worried about anonymous and laugh them off but shouldn't but anonymous needs to be more aggressive and hit them now!

  • Blank ᅚ

    How to get this internationally noticed? Stream it across as many TV channels as you can, and then loop it for as long as possible.

  • MattChez

    And what the fuck are Anon actually doing? nothing has happened, nothing has changed. Posting vids on youtube to a bunch of fucking neckbeards won't do anything.
    Personally starting to believe that there's no hope left and soon it will be too late, if it's not already…

  • Yoruba Nationalist

    Fuck all you dumbass kiddies in the comments claiming to be part of Anonymous. You can't hack for shit. You probably don't even know what a RAT is

  • – Akumetsu Kami –

    I'm an extremely liberal socialist. I don't quite get what Anonymous stands for. Can anyone help?