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  • iamihop

    NFL players are subject to fines if they don't give interviews. However, there's no fine for giving a poor interview. Those reporters can shove their mics up their asses.

  • cheebawookie

    Uh you know they same the same shit over and over again bc the news will twist and warp the smallest thing. I applaud him for not giving you jack shit.

  • IronTeddyBear

    I loved that he continued saying the same line until the reporters finally gave up. Brilliant dodge on Arian's part. Keith Olbermann is such an ass clown.

  • RobertBalto

    Arian Foster took the piss out of the media and then signed autographs for kids? Sounds like the best person in the sports world to me!

  • Buzz360

    He did the right thing. The media will twist and bend your words to the point where the outcome is barely recognizable to the input.

  • Kevin Miller

    LMAO!! Foster clowned the media. I love it!! I completely understand why players such as Foster and Lynch do want to talk to the media wih the way they misqoute or twist and speculate on what you tell them.

  • SuedeStonn

    That was fuckin' hilarious! Foster pulled off a stunt that most pro athletes would be jealous of… blowing off the media! Hell, they get fined for blowing off the media these days in the NFL, don't they? This was perfect! :D

  • Len R

    He's forced to give an interview. So he gave one. I didn't hear him say the usually crap like he's blessed. Arian is probably the most critical thinker in football. I respect the hell out of him. Oh, BTW, where's Olbermann now?

  • Eric Steinau

    Keith Olbermann is the World's Worst Person in Sportscasting. Anyone with half a brain can see AF is just putting up w/the press because he has to and they are in his way from getting to the locker room. C'mon Olbermann, you can do better than this.

  • iceman91321

    Worst person because he blows off a pack of hyenas like Keith but signs autographs for young fans. I almost forgot why I hate Olbermann.

  • Adrian Lackey

    Yeah, Arian Foster's news scrum chokes on the weight of is own inanity. Geeze, Keith: How does that differ from every other sports interview?