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  • jon jones

    Arian Foster is my new favorite pro athlete!!!! Love it!!! This is going to be a real positive step toward public acceptance…as well as giving other people the courage to be honest with their own loved ones and stop being afraid of negative repercussions because they know they're not alone, even millionaire athletes in the bible belt have their back :)


    This is a great thing to hear. About time someone opens up and isn't a typical black religious athlete (no offense to them). Takes a lot of courage to do this.

  • Charles Spencer

    My goodness. This made my night. You have all these religous athletes so out and proud about it to the point one comes with the other argument, they shun. It is nice to have an openly secular BLACK athlete. To understand the magnitude of this moment in secularism. Read Stephen Curry saying that "The holy ghost was in the locker room" or what Serena Williams said about not understanding people that didn't have a god in their lives. There is a guy that now counters that argument in black sports. Thank you Arian, thank you so much.

  • TSpoonER

    He has no clue how many people think the same way. Crazy thing, is that freethinkers / non believers know more about religion then supposed believers. I have to school so many people on the words that come out of their mouths.

  • blacklite911

    Come to think about it, its actually super weird that football on all levels is soo based in christianity. Its 2015 and its like the remnants of a lost civilization. Im so lucky I didn't grow up in the bible belt.

  • Kevin Partner

    Brave man. As a Brit, it astonishes me that an athlete in the land of the free feels it necessary to "come out" in his non-belief. Over here, around half the population is non-religious and it's pretty much a non-issue.

    It's also interesting that the more religious the people he encountered were, the less they were prepared to even talk about it. This suggests a sad insecurity. His parents were unusual in being religious and open minded but it's instructive that, given the opportunity to look into it without their influence, he saw through it.

  • Ross F

    Great to see someone being so honest , there are probably thousands of similar people in public life ,too afraid to speak up . Go for it people , religion is doomed !

  • Tyler Durden

    The world needs more secularists. You will find that the more you educate yourself in (history, science, philosophy and religious studies) the less likely you are to be a religious person and there is a good reason for this. you realize that religion has just been used to manipulate and control humans, and give power to people no different than u and i. truth is no one knows, and you'd be foolish to believe in a religion let alone believe that it is the right religion when you take into account the fact that there are over 4,000 accepted religions and they cannot all be the right one. if a god does exist, he's clearly setting us up to fail, and with so much on the line. religions and gods are clearly man made.

  • BadReligion9

    It's not really a good sign that he has to "come out" as secular or non-religious in the "land of the free" in 2015. And more than that, he and others like him might face persecution or get excluded from their environment. Says a lot about the US.

  • Yawasap Ahparyam

    Looks like the Lord mocked him and made him tear his achilles tendon on a play where he didn't even have the ball or block, he tore it walking..lol. The Most High is not playing with his people or you other nations in these last days. All truth no #religion.