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  • Coryo61827

    Do all the users on Ashley Madison sound as stupid as the woman in this video!? Wouldn't surprise me lol. What a moron.

  • JoachimderZweite

    This was very judgmental – she is not cheating, the married men are. She seems really nice and likable and I also suspect that she would be a wonderful wife. The rest of you are hypocrites.

  • barabus quin

    Sign of the times we live in. A slow erosion of morals and decency and the assumption that most married people cheat, as a way to justify their behavior. Don't we always find excuses to do the things that we know are improper or wrong.

  • My little paradise

    I really dislike the sister, I mean just le her live her life. She isn't the one cheating, sure she takes part, but she isn't going knocking doors, those men are already in the market to find someone to sleep with lol.

  • wilco

    Life coach advice: "Just do what makes YOU happy."
    Guest: "Dating married men makes me happy…"
    Response: "Then you are basically a heroine addict."
    Well done, guys.

  • Jean Hoffman

    I am married. Things get boring, life gets rocky. But I don't cheat. Not because I am afraid of getting caught, but because I would know in my heart that I have lied and deceived my best friend. If your partner isn't your best friend; then maybe you should end the relationship–instead of cheating on them to save face.

  • Jake Rusk

    Honestly, she's a genius for profiting off this market. You'd have to be stupid to say that what she's doing isn't a smart business endeavor, even if you don't agree with its moral foundation.

  • LightYagami100000

    I think she's just a dumb whore who's using the death of her husband to get some of that Dr. Drew attention. It's not about mourning, she just likes cock.

  • Vidicated

    Well if the fucking wife put her ass out every once in a while and learn to have a good time every now and then the MAN wouldn't have to look for it… plane and simple. I think it's the same for the WOMAN as well.

  • Tamar Nelson

    I guarantee that the ones who are doing the name calling on here, are the exact ones who are having the affairs. If not they are being cheated on. When you're so quickly to judge someone by a 20 minute show, that says alot about you. Thea probably has saved your marriage and you might not have known it.

  • Mona Rønning

    If we "open" thats its allowed to cheat, whats the differences in marriges and sports? In sports it pisses off an intire nation. But when in marrige its ok? She say it helps marriges, well it helps athleats to preform better to cheat too. PLAY FAIR!

  • violet rose

    as a christian one of the commandments state that thou shall not commit adultery..which this bitch ashley madison is helping create.. i sincerely hope ashley madison & noel biderman burns in hell for whats shes doing here on earth..

  • NorthernPioneer

    Science shows people who can carry a committed marriage are much smarter than people who cheat. People like this make that known.

  • Anon Amos

    I feel sick inside when I'm put through the torture of watching one of your ashley madison ads. I feel like I need to go for a shower just to wash away the residue of general ickiness it leaves behind. Yuck yuck yuck.

  • chris codling

    there is nothing that human mind won't rationalize, if you want to do something your mind will come up with a reason why you should, its your own worst enemy.