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  • Aasatruful

    Obama says "the value we share"? Obama, you have no fucking idea what the meaning of the word value is. Fuck you and bush for what you have done. Fucking murderers. This is a consequence of your values that no one shares with you and because of your fucked up foreign policy. You did this. Fuck you america for making Europe unsafe and for destroying the entire middle east. Europe will become like Syria if these dicks in the white house has it their way.

  • alex9920iasi

    This is because the Traitors of Europe wanted multiculturalism in our countries and led to our genocide as a race or as a nation. But doesn't matter, multiculturalism is a gate to evolution of European society is a stage for a better country. Nothing would happened if there wasn't the diversity propaganda and there weren't so many muslims in Europe. Shame on you all the traitors. What interest would a leader have to ruin Europe and to lead to genocide of their own nation? If somebody replays to me to say I'm a nazi or racist he must be at leat 12 years old or must be too stupid to even bother with the future of our continent and our life.

  • pratnama

    Is it a conicidence or are they so attached to their stupid symbols that the crooks who created the attentats (aka Netanyabamacorporations) had the good idea to invite in Paris the day of the attentats "The eagles of death" ? … hilarious… anyhow these crooks have a nice place in the biggest jail in Hell….

  • maryam diab

    why dont you also talk about the terrorist attack that happend in Lebanon the day before …many civilians have also died… …america u r such a hypocrite

  • Hawaiiguy Kailua

    Okay wait, there were 1500 people at the show so assume 1500 smartphones the band was on the 6th song or so and so there should have been 10% or less with there phones out and videoing the show. So far nada, nobody has posted anything accept for one girl but it was just a partial song. I'm going to wait until evidence is provided before I jump on another "attack" parade. I saw a lot of smoke and noise from afar around the city but haven't seen any "bloodbath" or "traumatized" people as the MSM is reporting.

  • Rara Sweeran Beckham

    what about Palestine ?!?! is it count as one of those countries that keep on getting attacked by israel ?! you see what you want to see people in Palestine have been getting killed since over a month everyday smth new happen more people are getting enjured each day but no one is seeing that because its PALESTINE

  • livemusic

    All you sad fools buy into this crap. It was a fake hoax just like all of the other so-called muslim terrorist attacks. Satanic scum like EODM are happy to play their role for their satanic jewish masters.