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  • Ethan Stoops

    Did CBS cast its first transgender houseguest due to the positive reception and media attention media Caitlyn Jenner got? Maybe. It is a business after all. But this girl clearly knows the game of Big Brother. I've read online that she is active in Survivor ORGs and is a major strategic thinker. She deserves her spot just as much as Frankie Grandes friend Meg or any other attractive houseguests who are clearly recruited in bars in LA or NYC and know nothing about Big Brother.

  • Retro bats

    Anyone who's willing to be themselves, when they know they'll be persecuted by millions for doing so is someone I can get behind.
    She also seems like she has a great grasp of the game. Definitely rooting for her.

  • OfficialEláfi

    What's sort of annoying is that the only thing anyone is able to pay attention to with her is that she's trans. We get it. It's great for the LGBT community, it'll probably bring great ratings, etc. But clearly this is just the base of what she is. She's here to compete, to strategize, and to play this game. That's what we should be focusing on.

  • cgrepresentative01

    I just hope that people like her for her NOT because:
    -She's transgender
    -Not because Julie was crying about her
    -Not because of Bruce Jenner
    -Not because we want her to be accepted and we don't want to discriminate.

    BUT really like her because she plays a good game. We are all on his Audrey bandwagon because she is transgender and she hasn't even played one sec of the game. If Audrey is a villain I WILL NOT like her just like I didn't like Amanda from BB15. Don't be hypocrites people.I don't have a problem with her at all ,I just hate that the focus is on her personal journey than the whole point of watching the showBIG BROTHER.
    Any real super-fan will not judge someone based on the interview because everyone thinks their gonna be the best with their game. So why not wait for her to play the damn game and then decide if ''SHE IS YOUR FAVORITE!''.

  • z9ize

    It's funny how people look down on people & call people who have fetishes or kinks weird but will be ready to riot if someone doesn't share their views on transgender..This world we live in..People are always trying to push their beliefs on people..JUST LIVE YOUR LIFE AND STOP FORCING PEOPLE TO AGREE WITH YOUR VIEWS

  • Matt Wilson

    She's amazing. Probably the smartest one of the bunch…hope that she isn't targeted super early for being obviously the biggest threat.

  • Derick

    Audrey is going to go far. She has the perfect personality and mindset for this game. Just the right balance of friendliness and competitive drive. You can tell from her responses that she is very intellectual and perceptive.

  • MickieFan226

    I'm sooooooo TEAM AUDREY. She is awesome. Can't wait to watch her play this game up. She's gonna kill it.

  • sheMan32

    I'm glad CBS aren't exploiting a Transgendered person and putting them on TV just because that's what's 'in' right now. They cast someone who CLEARLY knows the game and is actually here to play it

  • Nick Uhas

    I think she will do well in the game, and CBS typically likes to keep their high PR players. Only issue is she has been talking a lot in the first week… and in the game of BB, talking too much can get you in hot water.

  • Matteisha Garza

    I love that BB is finally bringing more LGBTQ people in instead of the over the top gay and butch lesbian, Audrey Is gonna shed light and I cannot wait.