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  • juan rosa

    He is a great speaker and have always been. But he lies and is twisting things so much. but hey he does trick a lot of people who easy believes him. lets look at how the young people are doing, specially the black and hispanics communities, they are doing horrible. US citizens are been murder left and right by illegals. The unemployment is at 5.3%, yea straight up bullshit. We got cops and citizens killing each other everyday. n we all know nothing says "made in USA" anymore. that our debt is up to like 18 trillion. N what the feds are doing with the stocks by artificially playing with them. YEA soooo much for walking the walk.

  • chevymon1

    He is a liar. Nobody wants to hear the sound of his voice anymore. Those that do, love to be lied to. The ones that want to hear your voice, can not stand the truth. Thankfully, the days until you are gone are running shorter and shorter. The sad part is America may not survive because of your lies and total refusal to do what is right,moral and good for this country.

  • D.S. Meadows

    Jaun Rosa…..Yep…….This man did anything and everything to divide, gut the middle class….Then flood the country immigrants……All the While Starting a Race War…..With all Your Race Pimps………You Prick…..WTH is wrong with this guy…..Oh, Yea…..He actually grew up in Indonesia…….And Obama and His Shills busted the Unions in Every state, instead of going after the Mobsters…..What a Son Of A "Bitch"…….