Batman Arkham Knight Knightfall Protocol Ending 100% Secret Completion Ending

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  • RabidRetrospectGames

    @ Evan Pan-Bao

    Yes. I am sure. 100% of the riddles and all side missions (if you don't do 100% then you don't get the Gordon speech). Trust me.

    Also, scan the Batmobile and Cawoman's collar for two riddles. Those were the ones that stumped me.

  • Deathlygunn

    So Bruce fakes his death, Tim marries Barbara, Gordon becomes Mayor, and a new Batman takes up the mantle.

  • mgrooms85

    Tim marries Barbara? Bruce blows up the mansion? Oh hell no! Glad I didn't waste 100 bucks on this game! Thanks for posting the ending and saving me some money

  • Joylock

    The fact that you know Bruce would never blow up Alfred removes a lot of the ambiguity from this "ambiguous" ending.

  • CJSFan2011

    Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but do you get to free roam Gotham as any character after activating the Knightfall Protocol? Or do you not and the game stops right there? I want to assume you do free roam because the previous games allowed you to, but then again this just came out so one can't be sure of anything at the moment.

  • XtremeZ

    Batman faked it, he's living on the batcave now, that was scarecrows toxin put to good use by the city to protect citizens. If you read the comics here comes the start of batman beyond when bruce gets old… He meets the new batman, Terry McGinnis etc. .

  • Luke Lengic (DarkDekicDuka)

    Can your free-roam after this point? I mean, I would imagine you can't but I don't know for sure.

  • Matt Boesch

    i gotta admit i started getting teary-eyed seeing this last cutscene. There will never be another batman game like this ever again. and they can't even do a Batman Beyond game cause Bruce Wayne is "Dead".

  • mussatorre

    it wouldn't make sense if Bruce Wayne fake his death and starting fighting crime again people will start saying Bruce Wayne's back or Batman and it will f*** things up
    It would make sense if Bruce Wayne found somebody take up his role

  • crazyrabbits

    I have some… questions.

    If Bruce wanted to make his death look like an accident/gang hit, weren't there better ways to go about it than seemingly blowing himself and Alfred up in their home?

    Is that final shot supposed to be the representation of fear to the residents of Gotham? And why would Batman be using fear toxin (if at all) to terrify criminals? Wasn't he already doing that with his normal attire?

    Why is Gordon in a tuxedo? Is he going to that theater performance?

    What happened to the rest of the Bat-Family? Where's Robin/Nightwing/Barbara/etc.?

    This just screams "fill-in DLC".

  • unoder

    Well, as someone who's 100% the game… to your knowledge is there:

    - An Explorable Bat Cave/Wayne Manor
    - A pilotable Bat Wing
    - Arkham Island