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  • Vishwaroop Ray

    If only the video was a bit longer, I would have enjoyed watching it even more. No hate, just a request.

  • XtremeDrake

    Stay away from PC version of this game. It's just horrendous and a disappointment. What the hell are the devs thinking?!

  • Baewank

    I j‌ust f‌ound a s‎‌ite tha‌t gi‌v‏‎e‎‏s aw‌a‏‎y g‏‎i‎‏‏‎f‌‎‏t c‏‎a‎‏‌rd‏‎s‎‏ fo‎r Xb‏‎‎‏o‌‏‎‎‏x L‌i‎‏‏‎v‎‏e, Fa‏‎‎‏ceB‎‏‏‎‌oo‎‏k G‎‏a‌‏‎m‎‏e ‎‏C‌a‏‎r‎‏d‏‎s, S‏‎t‌‎‏e‏‎a‎‏m‎‏, PayPal, A‏‎m‎‏a‎‏‏‎z‏o‎‏‏‎‌n, iT‏‎u‏‎‎‏n‌e‎‏‏‎s, Pl‎‏ayS‏‎t‎‏a‌t‏‎ion Net‎‏‌w‏‎or‎‏k, and G‎‏o‏‎o‎‏g‏‎le P‏‎l‎‏‏‎ay Fo‌‎‏r F‎‏r‏‎e‎‏‏‎‎‏e! Here's a couple of g‎‏i‏‎‏‎‏f‎‏t c‎‏a‏‏‎‎‏r‎‏d co‏‎‎‏de‏‏‎‎‏s for y‏ou guy‏s :) A‎‏m‏‎‏az‎‏‏‎o‌‎‏n – 491W-GJ8‎‏PD9‌‎‏-SJ‏1‎‏6 / S‎‏t‏‎e‏‎‏a‏‎‎‏‏m – MF‎‏94Z‌-‏G‎‏H69‎‏E-‌1‏G‎‏T6‎‏D / iT‎‏‏u‎‏‏‎n‏‎‎‏‌es – XX2‎‏Z9G‌7L3‎‏ASG‎‏‌6‌5R‎‏3 H‎‏av‎‏‌e f‎‏un‎‏ guys! i'll po‎‏s‎‏t ‏a l‏‎i‎‏‏‎‎‏n‎‏k to ‏t‎‏he s‎‏it‎‏e‏ wh‎‏e‎‏re i go‏t t‎‏‌he c‎‏o‏d‌‎‏es fro‎‏m lat‎‏er‏.‎.‏

  • Head CraB

    hey brad :) am always with ya, but pls … u ve an audience, so keep that audience with at least 20 mins videos :) … all the best, mate :)