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  • SoFetch

    Really cool of Becky to do that and stand up for your people when they are being bashed. It's so much better than what Selena Gomez has done which is nothing. Unless you count her wiggling around on a couch like a worm say she just wants to look good for Justin lol

  • Kristin King

    I'm not even Mexican, but I'm proud of Becky that she used her voice to stand up for Mexico. That old man Trump better kiss away his dreams of living in the White House cause it ain't gonna happen.

  • VivsChannel

    Wow you go becky!❤️
    My only problem was when I go somewhere in the U.S., for example I was in Miami a few weeks ago, and nobody understood me, because I couldn't speak Spanish, and that I find frustrating if i can't come through in an English speaking country..:/ (no hate against anyone!)

  • Bryaan Cast

    It's kind of fucked up. The entire world recognizes that cultures should be respected. But yet Mexicans are Probrably the most looked down upon , even more than blacks. Its sad cause we don't have people like a nicki minaj or beyonce to represent for pure Mexicans rather than a "latina" like jeniffer Lopez dumb ass lol she's Latina . big difference from Mexican. I'm happy Becky did this, very very smart , and I'm happy her record label let her do and release a song Like this. I'm not a hardcore fan, but I respect her so much cause there's nobody else like her in the industry. She's pure Mexican, she can understand a Hispanic, Mexican ways of life, and she's beat all the odds coming from Inglewood and a Mexican family that has broken down cars in their backyards, and has a huge family, Idk there's no Mexicans to represent but Becky is holding it down, mad respect to her.

  • Jamaal Baker

    This is ridiculous smh. I have Mexican friends and I never make racist comments about them. I treat them like their my brothers