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  • Jerich0

    I have a really strong feeling this year will be focused a lot on this transgender woman. This is definitely the show trying to get more viewers but why can't we focus on the game instead of attempting to enlighten us on the transgender community and riding this "wave". I Know they will milk this

  • Callie Foster (goldenbeautys)

    Liz has said she is against a girls alliance and wants to work with the men. Why do women keep trying to be the last girl standing even after the past few seasons? Being the last girl standing did not work out for Diane, Britney, Danielle, Victoria and even Christine who tried to be the last girl standing. Have these women learned nothing from past seasons?

  • Retro bats

    I got Audrey, and Vanessa out of the girls.
    Both are brilliant. I like what they said, and are people who will be entertaining… so rooting for them too.

  • AbsoluteZ3R0

    Out of all the female house guests, I like Vanessa the most. She seems like a cross between Derrick (in how she speaks and elaborates her thoughts) and Kevin from BBCan (poker player, charismatic). I'm rooting for her right now

  • Kelly Stout

    Vanessa skipped the WSOP to be in the house. That's why I think she'll fight tooth and nail. Because she gave up on her sports Super Bowl and she needs to make this worth while.

  • Ella Casanova

    As a transgender fan, I'm really excited to see Audrey play. For her strategy and based on her interview with Jeff, she seems like if Drama can surround her.

  • Jacob Blau

    Okay, sorry to complain, but I need to address a HUGE issue.. It seems like everyone thinks that there has never been a successful girls alliance, but that is absurd! Do people just forget that the Friendship even existed? Sure, they were a bunch of no-fun buzz killers, but that doesn't stop the fact that they are a successful girls alliance. I predict that this season, an girls alliance will form and be successful, but I feel like they will be the reincarnation of the Friendship.

  • Scranton Analytics

    Will the fact that Vanessa has won well over $500,000 in certain poker tournaments over the years have an effect on her mindset during the game? For example, in 2009 she won a tournament that paid over $900,000, I just feel that she won't want as much as the other houseguests.

  • What About

    If we have showmances is I see Jace & Meg or Clay & Shelli if not Becky. I see Liz wanting to flirt it up with Jace & Clay.

  • Yo Dawg

    I liked Audrey before I even learned she was transgendered… nobody knew until tmz leaked it i think. I saw her picture on twitter and the first thing I thought was "recruit" just like Rob said, but after her first interview she seems like she will be a cutthroat and serious player. Definitely rooting for her.

  • Trent Williams

    This is not only the first season to have a trans, but also the first season to have 3 of the LGBT. Audrey is Trans, Jason is Gay, and Vanessa is Bi or Lesbian as she was married to a man before, but now has a girlfriend.