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  • lampshades120

    AWESOME I wish I was 21. I hope we're on the same season. We will Jon and Neda all the way to the end (and that includes me winning xD)

  • MadrosedVlogs

    +Lalita Rudy Thank you! Haha, that sounds like a nice memory! I am proud to say I did not go up and rub anyone's face – lol!

  • H.G. Wells

    Great stuff. Although I'm not up on big brothers so the only celebrity I recognised was Grand Central Station lol. Anyway, Kerry seems great glad we got to meet her and well done the both of you.

  • Lalita Rudy

    I think Maddie and Carrie looked so pretty today. Well, if I were your age, I'd be so excited, too. LOL! The time I met John Karlen at a Dark Shadows Festival, I got so flustered, I asked him for my autograph. LOL! I can just see you girls going up and rubbing their faces to check out their skin. LOL!Granny needs to know all that goes on with her family because that's how Grannies are. LOL! Well, I am making the hotdogs and baked beans tonight. Do Amish people watch vlogs? I thought that was a no-no! LOL! I enjoyed the vlog today. Thanks.

  • timreno72

    If anyone deserves to be on BB it's you Maddie. If you make it on the show and get kicked the first week I'm still voting for you for 'Viewers Choice'. Good luck!!!

  • Machell Campbell

    Oh Maddie your so lucky. I wish I could have been there. It would be awesome if you made it on BB. How many open castings have you been to? I think I remember you saying you had applied before but I didn't know if that's the same thing as open castings. I'M SO JEALOUS!! But also I'm so happy for you! :-)

  • OldSchool Now249

    What a great video, New York looks like such an interesting city!!! And that Cody is a hunk….See you at the live show tonight!!!

  • mycraftyside

    How exciting for you Maddie! It must have been so fun meeting people from one of your favorite shows. Crossing my fingers for you…it would be amazing to see you on BB17!! If not this year, please keep trying. Much love! – Jocelyn

  • Sophiemanning23

    I'm so excited for you Maddie that is so cool you got to meet all those guys. I love how Frankie was wearing a Ariana Love Me Harder shirt he is always promoting her. You gotta love Frankie! Breakfast dinner looked amazing I love having breakfast for dinner it is the best. Can't wait for Granny tomorrow! Thanks for sharing your day with us Maddie!

  • Paul Woods

    I'm glad u met the guys …I still got my application from when I auditioned for BB 11 …they did the casting call at a bar & my friends was like ain't that your show & I should do it…it was fun & fast paced…so I hope u get picked

  • Lindsay Price

    Maddie it looked like you had a great time, so excited that you had that experience regardless of the outcome.

    Love that brand of chicken sausage!