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  • Scott woodrich

    you'd think the republican news network would back Trump, but no, Fox is playing along with democrat media. that should help show people that there is no difference between the 2 political parties. The greediest of the greedy globalists who own the media are all in collaboration against Trump. They fear him and his realistic (and brutally honest) approach to 21st century American politics. He might be just what this country needs. Don't worry about Donald Trump hurting your feelings, there's bigger issues that needs attention.

  • Mark Maier

    Could Bill Orielly stop interrupting Trump every two fregin seconds. Oreilly is just trying to prove he can talk over Trump its ridiculous.

  • Slap Stick

    "Putin will own Syria"…ahahahhahahhahaha. You mean like when the Soviets owned Afghanistan. Ahahahhahahahhahahahahaaa. Bill O'Reilly the most intellectually inept moron that ever graced the TV screen. Shithead extrordinaire.

  • Gabe King

    Trump is awesome. A real patriot and honest guy. I totally support TRUMP 2016. I think a Trump / Carson ticket would be a slam-dunk easy win. Even many Liberals are threatening to jump ship to vote for Trump ! The good Candidates are Trump, Carson, Cruz, Paul, and Mike Huckabee, in my opinion.

    Tired of lying career politicians? Tired of "political correctness"? TRUMP 2016 !

  • Jeff The Killer

    So wait wait wait. Let me just make sure I'm understanding this. People are SERIOUSLY considering Trump for president? And all this time I thought it was just a joke. Well good job America. You've proven your idiocy once again.

  • Amir Baraki

    Oh my god, what a downside! Russia takes over Syria and leaves their footprint in the mid-east. Who gives a shit. Vets can't even see a doctor down here. Let's start with that.

  • Smoothfeet

    "Sick of being pushed around by every country in the world". Mmhm ok so apparently america is the victim now and we arent invading other countries terrorizing people. Ok gocha.