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  • Marlene Westfall

    I would like to respond to "what can we do for you?" question. Ask FOX to at least all the American team's games. They air only one game a day. I'm in Canada and can't get ANY game thanks to TSN and CTV. I can only watch on FOX Detroit. I thought they would at least air ALL the American games. I guess not. In any case, this is was a good interview.

  • Wilder Voltaire

    I have one suggestion for my women soccer american national team which I love to watch even more than Barcelona, please Abby Wambach and the other players, I am confident we can win this 2015 champion's ship in Canada if you guys pass the ball to Sidney Leroux when she is in the best posititon then the others to make the goal. I am happy when I see Abby playing on the Sidney's side. and Abby does it also to everybody/everyone on/in the field. Sidey Leroux is a great soccer player, she is not selfish, she has no preference when she has to pass the ball to someone. the other players do the same thing too, but when I see Abby and the number # 10 on the side of Leroux, I expect to win the match. I LOVE TO READ THIS: ONE TEAM ONE NATION and we can add this one: NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR AN UNITED TEAM. For some reasons that we have or carry this great name: UNITED STATES. So guys, please, take to Canada this great name with you, that means guys, put everything you have together to bring that thing to UNITED STATES this year. The social/ natural peace of God keep being with you guys. Wilder Voltaire, one of your best friends in/on watching you in TV, Youtube etc. Love you allllllllllllllllllllll.

  • Erica Ayala

    So, after that entire interview, you then go on to tell these women … that you are gonna prioritize the NBA Finals? Things were going so well, but that was really disappointing.

  • TheTigermuskie

    The best thing about the USWNT is talent on the team. It's great to have so many talented players on the team, because if one talented player is not playing well on a particular day, another player can be depended upon and pick up the game. Just look at the past, almost every game played, a different talented player is the one who was the MVP for that game day. Unlike teams such as Brazil, where they depend a lot on just a few players such as Marta or Canada with Sinclair. Almost any player on the USWNT can pick up the game on any day or any game.

  • pkool79

    I love how this WNT are making soccer more and more popular not only in the U.S. but the world, you can feel it coming! The west coast has caught on now we need the rest of the nation to join. It needs to be our # 1 sport. The beautiful game. I love football but let's face it by the time your in your 40's you can't even walk right. To much on the body.

  • Sarah Yatsko

    This is a great interview! They covered a lot of topics and got serious with most of them which was really cool. Also, great question at the end about what the fans can do for the players. That was the best question I have heard in a really long time. GO USA!! ⚽️⚽️⚽️