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  • OddRevelation

    She blocked me on Twitter for defending her grandfather and backing Seaworld who she signed up to work with last yr. Such a shame Steve's dad has no access to his own grandkids and had to start out from scratch to build a new center while Bindi's mum spreads false rumours about him. Sad he lost the zoo he built. Wish they would see sense.

  • VelvetGal5

    Bindi is a very smart, openminded, curious, bright, positive, likeable, sociable, caring, & hardworking gal. Her Dad, Steve Irwin, would be very proud of Bindi. Casting Bindi Irwin for the new season of "Dancing With the Stars" is one of the best moves that "Dancing With the Stars" has made in a long while. I'm sure Bindi will enjoy & learn a lot from her new experience on the DWTS show. I wish Bindi the best!