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  • Eric Fortune

    This Kid was suffering in life, I pray that she finally found peace and is with her mother. R.I.P to both of you.

  • Patricia WICKEY

    May You Rest In Paradise
    Bobbi Kristina Brown
    With Your Beautiful Mother
    Whitney Houston (My Idol)
    Gone So Soon
    Yet Never Forgotten
    My Condolences to The Brown & Houston Family

  • Jeremiah Israel

    With all thats going on and has happened; man this one hurts my heart to the core. Bobbi didn't deserve this. The child was just a baby. Rest in peace beloveth…

  • Katya “Kat” Argudin

    Who would've ever thought mother and daughter both dead in less than 4 years. Bobbi and Whitney RIP.

  • CaviteChe

    R.I.P. Bobbi Kristina Brown!

    Now your family can lay your body to rest!

    Whoever is responsible for your murder will be brought to justice!

    Your life was bright while it lasted and brought joy to your father and mothers life. Lessons will be learned from the 22 years of your life and your death will not be in vain!

    Those responsible for this child's demise cannot hide from the crime of trying to make history repeat itself 3 years to the day of her mothers death.

    Chances are those responsible are the perpetrators of both deaths. May the avenging angels bring the murder or murders to the light of day!

    Although one of the causes of death is most certainly GREED!

    Just another modern day Greek tragedy, played out in America!

  • David A

    RIP Bobby Kristina Brown.

    I have been praying for you and will continue to pray that your soul finds peace.
    Bobbi Kristina Brown most likley died last week when the Privacy Tent was set up and the Herses were outside of the Hospice Center she was at.

  • Maryam Petrov

    I had a feeling last night here in melbourne australia that she was gone I didnt even check the news which is weird cuz I been following this from day 1
    I saw it on tv and dropped my food and started crying she never had a chance and someone better pay for this

  • Tom Teller (Butthead)

    R.I.P. Bobbi Kristina Brown. Such a beautiful young lady who's life has ended way too soon. I never knew you, personally, but my heartaches with your passing.

    Much Love Bobbi Kristina Brown. Rest in Heavenly Peace!

    Gone, but never forgotten. Bobbi Kristina Brown 1993-2015.

  • SolidRockTelevision

    Just so all ya'll know, this girl has been dead. She was dead MONTHS ago, but of course the powers behind the media have to pull the strings over everybody's eyes and make it look like how they want it to look. The media is full of bullshit! They are just now reporting it to coincide with the date after the 25th. Look it up people, just like they killed Michael Jackson on June 25th. America is on a one way trip to hell. PEOPLE IT'S TIME FOR US ALL TO WAKE UP AND GET OUR MIND'S BACK RIGHT AND BEGIN TO THINK FOR OURSELVES!!!