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  • TheJewishSongs

    Like mother like daughter – the only thing left on this world from Whitney Houston is her Music and a lesson to all Black women "don't do drugs" you will die young

  • onstageagain

    Bobby Brown & Whitney lived their lives from beginning to end on doses of daily Drugs. Both did heavy drugs, right in front of Bobbi K. All her life this was roll modeled in front of her, life was a party, not working… taking drugs & alcohol , fighting & abuse. This family was dysfunctional & the behavior in front of this child was abuse.
    If it had been any normal/ regular family the kid would have been removed by DHS,
    But $$$ talks every time… After All… This is America , Where $$$ wins every time.
    The boy friend, Gordie, was a King Leach Looser, . doing drugs right along side of Bobby K, & supported by Bobby K, who was supported by Whitney's left behind estate. , " Whitney's " $$$. Killed her ,,, and has finally Killed her daughter.
    Now that looser boy friend, left behind living , is broke, living with his mommie…& Bobby K, is in the ground dead.

  • gumdokim

    Just said it on yahoo, but i'll say it again…RIP Bobbie Kristina Brown and condolences to Mr. Brown and the Houstons.

  • Catfish Jenkem

    Tragic loss !! I remember when her mom hooked up with Bobby . My gal said " shes doomed " I will never forget that .