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  • Shannon Nolen

    Am I only one who finds it odd that this is the second time she was found in the bathtub after drowning? The first time was right before Whitney drowned at the same hotel but the assistant saved her?? Something is not right with this whole thing!!

  • MrTron

    I hope I'm wrong, but it's only a matter of time before they take her off the ventilator and the announcement comes that she has died.

  • Rebellious Demon

    look i think this is mean to say, but someones gotta tell the truth. Yes i know Bobbi is famous and all, but dont you think its kind of a big fuck you to the people in Isis being killed, and having only their family and friends show up at their funerals? But when someone famous get hospitalized or killed, the whole world goes ape shit.

    Just because someones famous doesn't make mean they're gods. Treat people equally i say.

  • queen nie

    Her Parents are drug addicts. Unofficial adopted brother takes advantage of her. God only knows what else Bobbi kristina went through. Raising a child is not a one time deal. It's a lifetime of a responsibility and a lot of people usually forgets that. Don't do things you don't want your children to do. Children are not Toys. You don't make a baby and play with them when you want to and put them back in the shelf when you get tired.

  • Devin Summer

    I was never a fan of Whitney Houston,but I recognized her talent in her glory days he vocal ability was amazing & I never could grasp how she threw it away on drugs & alcohol it was sad esp to those who loved her she went on to become a joke & parody of her former self to the media her fans & probably her family too. Bobbi Kristina was exposed to things that most of us couldn't imagine born to flawed parents who loved her but were selfish by allowing their addictions get ahead of proper parenting. She never shouldve seen them spiral out of control. She's a little girl who never a solid foundation or example of good parenting.i know both of her parents loved her & wanted only the best for her & not to follow in their addictive example,but sadly she was a product of her up bringing. I hope she will recover but it doesn't seem likely maybe all those watching can learn from yet another tragedy put before us & learn a lesson & make changes in our own lives so that those in these situations won't have to suffer through something so devastating. I find it odd that I've heard nothing of Cece being there I know there was tension between them but she should be there now put feelings of Bobby Brown aside & get down there. if she can publicly denounce the Whitney film why hasnt she made a statement during this difficult time about her grand baby?

  • Lisa Robinson

    Lord bless this baby she is still mourning the loss of her mom please pull her through father God wrap your loving arms around her show favor and victory right now Lord, trouble has been knocking at her door since she lost her mom Satan I'm standing for Bobbi you can't have her, Lord have mercy on her and those who are doing her wrong I pray that when she pulls through she can give a living testimony that you are a healer in Jesus name Amen

  • Aljahron Artis

    Bobbie christina gitvbo home trainunf she is what she saw her oarents didnot give a fuc in keft her to take the fall whtinet shoul have bcw yrs ago how dare she let her child taje drugs once avjunkie akwats a drunkue uaed bibbiw briwn as a soerm donir whibthney rotvin peace you child is dyibg bwcause u are a jezzy bell ceack head

  • hndrxuntilidie

    Smh…she will never get over her mother's death…wow! Poor kid. That's the day I fear THE MOST(My mom "Dying"…and I'm MUCH older than Bobbi Kristina–I can't even imagine). It has beinggnawing at me…the older I get, the older my mom get, also. I hope she pulls through…smh. Loosing your mom at only 18 yrs old is SO unfair, I think!

  • Lorraine Tucker

    My prayers go out to bobbi Kristina that God will heal her and if she is on drugs that God Will deliver her from this and to remove every one that don't have her back. I know it is hard to loose your mother but only God can get her threw it. God did it for me he will do it for her! Get well soon you have a life live! I am waiting for your Testimony!

  • Lux TheFemale

    I truly think that they are faking this…. I don't think she really was in a coma or hurting or whatever. Just another public scandal for attention. :(

  • Ms Iam Everythang

    This is sincerely deep, Praying for everyone connected to her. I can't even imagine the pain Bobby Brown and Cissy Houston must feel right now.

    Bobbi still misses her Mother that's obvious however one does want to wonder about that husband and other friends at her house when this happened.

    What was her mood like previously? Was she in a sad or depressed state?? You have to check on folks and if there is a history or pattern then seek help.

  • Lee Hill

    i wonder how her aunts and uncle feel being that they was coke heads here this child is following in there foot steps hmmm

  • AdoreNecee

    Help Her Jesus ! This beautiful young lady is still grieving from the lost of her mother. Lord I help you cover Bobbi Kristina under the blood. And I rebuke the works of satan Yours evil plan will not come to pass. I pray for deliverence give her strength Lord. she is called to do great things and she shall not die but Liveeee!!! in jesus name Amen!