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  • christie silva

    Just because her parents sold their souls diesn.t mean she did ,i think we should show sime empathy ,she lost her mother so young,she was caught in the middle,we don.t know if she is burning in hell,we still have jugdement day,think we should be more humble

  • Anne M

    This was an illuminati sacrifice, as was her mother. WH gave herself as a replacement sacrifice, not thinking clearly on the drugs obviously, because they would be back for their intended target.. She (BK) technically was dead 1/31 though, but the cabal knew they screwed up, making the daughter die identically like moms, so they had to make another lunatic symbolism out of it all

  • Killuminati Thuyabody

    You should do one on DMX have you seen how he looks now? That shit is depressing he is frail and his voice is nothing like it use to be that dude is probably gonna die any day now its so sad how could a man who had it all end up like that? He had everything you needed to secure your life but now he look like a homeless dude that dude is tormented by demons without a doubt.

  • smb2a

    First of all you don't go to heaven or hell after death. When you die, you rest in the grave until the first resurrection. That is when Christ will come for dead in Christ first, then those that are still living and transformed them and take them to Heaven to live for a 1000 years. The wicked that are still living will be slained. After the 1000 years, the wicked will be resurrected from the grave and judged to die the second death. Also, illuminati is of the Devil and you should get out of it. Jesus is the only one that can judge. You should be careful about judging who is going to heaven or hell!

  • TrunkMonkey3000

    Bro you should see the expose I did on Carl Sagan. He is an occultist and wrote extensively on Mystery Babylon the Mystery Religion, but he masquerades as an agnostic.