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  • saidtheredhead8

    Praying that Leolah behaves herself at the funeral…just read that the Houston's have hired extra security because they are nervous about drama from the Brown's. It's Krissi's day, I really hope everyone remembers that.

  • I am my Mother's child

    About the wake held last night.
    It was stated by "Daily Mail" .
    The Browns sat in their cars, waiting for the Houstons to leave before they entered the funeral home.
    Can you say "Bad Blood"!

    Bobbi Kristina's casket makes final journey http://dailym.ai/1Ss2Rzo

  • Sherry Boyd

    i didnt expect they would put the funeral on tv…but i thought at least the media would be outside… i understand they want their privacy but many people prayed for BK and loved her and kept up faithfully with her condition .. i just think the fans should be able to at least see the crowds and outside of the church..that came out to pay respects. i dont see it anywhere 11alive.com nothing there i see but a video you try play and does nothing. RIP, Krissy…WE LOVE YOU!

  • Kelsey K.

    I think its sad that the family keep fighting. I think its disrespectful to bobbi kristina as well they was supposed to celebrate her life and come together as one. Not having all this drama….every family have issues but this is not right.

  • pattylove822

    The upsetting part about this situation is that family can not agree on anything, I suggest Leolah put on her big women underwear, and let go of all the negativity for BK this is not about them even in death this poor baby cannot have family members come together as least on this day