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  • Mark Dice

    Some day when you grow up, wise up, or sober up, you'll look back on how stupid you were for thinking such foolishness and you'll thank me and apologize for accusing me of "covering up" the "murders" of dead celebrities.

  • paindrain

    GTFO, it was her douchebag boyfriend… While conspiracy and things happen every day, not everything is conspiracy by the govt….sure by her bf and the other person(s)

  • Shane's World

    Whitney faked her own death and ran off with 2pac. Bobbi was just a front to take peoples minds off of it. Blood sacrifice it was.

  • jeremiah milazzo

    Whitney Houston and her daughter both died in a bathtub wtf face down common now what is there family allergic to bathing some things adding up way too much

  • likeliterally

    why are you so surprised by the illuminati comments, mark? they're just spewing the same bullshit that comes from your own mouth on other topics.

  • NorthviewVids

    According to these deluded fags, every single person in Hollywood who has ever died is a 'blood sacrifice'. What complete and utter MORONS these people are. Yeah, just ignore the fact that most of these Hollywood whores/homo's dabble in hard-core drugs, sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, occult worship, Satanismand all sorts of other heinous things…

  • nyctreeman

    It makes perfect sense that the Illuminati … the people who control the entire world and every facet of it's characteristics … would want to sacrifice this nobody-nothing-loser who no one would ever have heard of outside of it's famous mother, and had ZERO talent of any kind … yeah! that's the ticket! – it couldn't have been something really simple like … uhhh … maybe it was a loser with a low IQ, or maybe it was suicidal psycho, or maybe one of the other chimps in the fambly took it out to clear the way for the inheritance (chimp lotto) … no no no … it had to be the Illuminati!

  • The Ringmaster

    +Mark Diceis a clown, I like how he makes fun of other conspiracy theorist that claim insane scenarios but is totally oblivious to his own bullshit and insanity. More clickbait bullshit for his ignorant clown subscribers.

  • Jordan Bikes

    Nooobody says this. At most, it's a handful of crazies, and "hundreds of thousands" of people watch their videos just to say "wow, this person is absolutely insane!"

    It's not worth the video.

  • Joanne Mann

    You are helping to mentally enslave them! You are the first person I watched on you tube back in 2011!
    It was you that taught me about the illuminati and the music business and Hollywood! It was you that spoke of sacrifices. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?????

  • Supergoraw

    I'm returning this mans book this man has to understand that "conspiracy theorists" we're on his side probably a sheep in wolves clothing

  • bb lang

    It's a miracle that she lived as long as she did ….Coming from Two Drug Addicted Ghetto Dope Fiends! What also surprises me is he morons sayin she be in heaven now with momma signing songs for Jesus…

  • ImHereCuzImBored

    WOW MARK U GOT ON THAT FAST! WELL ILLUMINATI IS A DISTRACTION NICE JOB GETTING PEOPLE FOCUSED ON ILLUMINATI INSTEAD OF WHO REALLY DID IT. Guess how I know your full of shit? You did this with Robin Williams's death saying it was nothing…..yet family guy aired an episode of him hanging from a door before he was found dead hanging from a door. Your a puppet and saying that your an illuminati puppet jokingly is somehow going to help you deny it?