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  • TheKappa

    I like how people complain more about SOLDIERS killing people than psychopaths killing people.
    More interestingly, its mostly American soldiers people bark shit about. And most of the time they are dead.

  • Rolley Folley

    Chris kyle is fuckin dead and these stupid fuckin people talk about him and saying bad things about him… He did what he did and thats the end of the story, to me hes a Hero but for some hes a killer and thats fine, but dont talk shit about a dead man…

  • Someone

    fucking ungrateful sons of fucks. i'm pretty fucking sure he fought for your freedom so that you pieces of shit could sleep in peace and wake up the next morning a fresher piece of shit.wrong or right just be thankful for his service and you're not the guy at the receiving end of his sniper scope.

  • Shak

    The American Sniper is a vicious propaganda movie. The real Chris Kyle had no problem with killing Iraqis as he admitted himself. It was quite clear that he didn't kill because he had to, he did it because he wanted to. Probably liked it. And that makes him a monster, not a hero.

  • West Columbus

    The only things that's worse than a "crazy serial killer (Navy SEAL Sniper)" are the cowards who sit comfortably at home and talk shit about a dead american hero on youtube comments…

  • Muddy Shoe

    RIP to a fellow Texas brother. I stood in honor of Mr Kyle on I35 during his procession and it was amazing to see thousands out in mass heads bowed and totally silent in respect. He was the "Legend" and will be remembered always. Rest well sir…. you deserve it.

  • HooltMan

    How can you say all theses things about him? Murderer, Psycho, coward etc. Who did he murder? Would you let someone shoot you or your teammates? You blind disgusting fucks