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  • TheScotchaholic

    Britain is dead. That's why isolationism protects from outside influences. But you couldn't tell the Brits that during their colonization periods. You can't tell them now, with their Arab trading partners! If you wanted a "pure" nation, ZERO outside influences can be had – in other words, stay in your own part of the woods and seal the borders from intruders. That's how you keep a nation pure. It must be self sufficient unto it's own land and peoples. Once the lid of globalism was torn off it's hinges, we see the results today in the West.

  • BritishFreedom

    These dumb lefties and muzcum… They actually think Islam is a race…. Some one give these goons a brain cellor two.. They're missing out.

  • Raven Revelation

    Protest not votes. National Front France, Swiss People Party, Swedish Democrats, Danish People's Party, Jobbik are winning. Too many groups in Britain, too many arrested and trolls. Check out Joe Owens.

  • kenkhan786

    Everyone hates you golding you wanker .You have no supporters from Burton . So suck your mum . And we all know about Jada her mum and dad fucked her when she was 14 so she ran away from home . Ugly bitch . You haven't got a husband or any kids you ant even a woman . Paul is a pussy comes out with the police . Wanker .