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  • MrSharkbait4

    i'm a jets fan but I think buffalo is going to be the new team to beat in the East as long as Cassel is starting. Personally I think it's going to be hard to predict the AFC East outcome this year, a lot of people like to shit on the Jets and Bills for not having consitent QB play but the 2000 Ravens won a Super Bowl by having a monster defense despite Trent Dilfer. The Bills and Jets are very similar defensively. The Jets have a better secondary but I think the Bills edge rushers give the Bills a slightly better defense.

  • lunchbox184

    2015 Bills should be a fun team to watch considering how bad the offense could be and how good the defense should be, also Rex Ryan

  • mark brighton

    2015 is our year no qb no problem our d is sick ground and pound in rex we trust the bills will be in the superbowl this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Uncle Drew

    Haha I understand why Bills mafia wanted the Guinness Book of World Records at the game lol. . To pull off the biggest magic trick ever. The entire Bills fanbase disappeared in a matter of minutes lol. All that trash talking after you beat the garbage Colts, who we've dominated for years. It was only right for Tom and the gang to shut Bills fans up. Mfs learned their lesson after Sunday lol. Bills even tried to cheat the Pats.. Where was your defense? Where was T-Mobile? Tried to tell you that the Bills are still the same team. . All talk, no play haha. . Same old Billshit.. #PatsNation

  • Kevin Wilson

    Hey bills fans eagles fan here! On paper you guys are looking like a contender and are one of the few teams on the eags schedule that has me worried. I came to ask how good of a player kiko is because I never seen him play live before and we gave up possibly our best player for him. Just want to know if we are getting an elite linebacker or just a product of your great defense?

  • teddy mills

    The 2015 Bills defense will not be the best of all time. It wont even be the best of 2015. It is a mediocre defense at best.

  • Jeremiah Baker

    I went to school with Nigel Bradham, he was the leading tackler 3 years straight in high school and led FSU in tackles during his time there. I would love to see him make a pro bowl!