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  • Wizard101Spellz

    Good Luck De Gea… Have fun in Madrid… Welcome Keylor Navas (Hope he comes)… This keeper at the world cup was unbelievable… Definitely better than Romero… Lets see how Martial does… Now a CenterBack? I dont care who, any good CenterBack to help Smalling out… If we still lose games after all this then seriously there is a problem.

  • Retro rube

    If the window ends like this then VG has let us all down. I have heard on the grapevine United have a shiny new dependable option coming in… it's a big fooking lock for the trophy cabinet because it's gonna be locked for another season as it stands! I'm usually calm but this is a farcical!

  • FreeOnGoal

    ED "fucking Woodward can't say "NO Ramos, NO De Gea" all summer and than let De Gea on deadline day….He's making himself, the club and the fans look like dicks!

  • Asad “The Random Tormentor” Shah

    keep calm. LVG obviously knows his shit. let's review this situation in 3 months rather than crying over it right now. who knows naval may become the next de gea. after all de gea wasn't exactly world class when we signed him

  • eli W Finnsson

    Breaking Reports : Spanish Football Federation confirm that De Gea documents did not arrive in time.
    - The documents did not arrive on time!!!!!! Presentation was ready. All agreed. But as it stands David de Gea stays at United…
    - Man Utd sent the De Gea documents at 00:01, 1 minute too late.
    - David de Gea is distraught right now.
    Brilliantly played United, Woody has done it…

  • Josh Cozens

    A few weeks ago I had such high hopes before the season started with the 4 strong singings we have made. Now Van Gaal has just cocked everything up and now we are a laughing stock to the world. I really hope Martial is going to be amazing as thats what unknown young players have done in the past, but im very scared atm to be honest.

  • David Raher

    If De Gea didn't leave this summer, he would be gone for free next summer so to get money for him this season is good and if reports are true, then LVG didn't want DDG to sign a new contract and navas is a good signing. I think the januzaj loan deal is good for Man United as it give him the experience and time to mature and develop as a player as his attitude hasn't be great over the past 12-18 months., Due to Martial's arrival I think Januzaj's game time would have been limited because I think Martial will play right wing and Mata will be moved in to the centre behind Wayne Rooney and Mata/herrera will play in the no.10 role. Man United still need to sign another striker if wilson is to be loand and after Hernandez is sold, Big night/day tomorrow ahead for MUFC.

  • TheoKabala89

    We've spent around £500m since Fergie left, but who in our team can get in City, Chelsea or Arsenal's XI? We have the biggest kit deal, make more in sponsorships and revenue than anyone else on the planet, but we can't sign quality players.

  • Lone Wolf Full Albums

    Bye, bye, byee, De Gea (sung to the theme of 'why, why, why, Delilah)

    Gutting but we all knew it was going to happen.