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  • Benb217 Minecraft | MCSG & More

    Plz tell me im not the only one that thinks it is complete Bull Shit that fucking Caitlyn Jenner beat out Lauren Hill, who played basketball with her terminal brain tumor and died playing, and a War Vet who lost 2 limbs and still competed in sport competitions!

  • Cornelia Sundberg

    So many disgusting people in the comment section! Please, just leave your nasty thoughts to yourself. You don't have to be mean to Caitlyn (and other transgender/transsexual people.) It's just childish.

  • Makeupbymonica108

    There has been a lot of celebrities who have helped schools and encourage kids to be who they want to be. It's sad to think that just because she turned into a female and is basically famous doesn't mean she should get an award just because she came out people like Serena Williams and others should get an award they've made differences in people lived she didn't and I do not agree and I don't care if u guys don't agree with me that's just what I think

  • QUEEN sugar

    I'm not against transgender or something, But all I want to say is why is caitlyn getting so much attention? I agree what she did was very brave but what about other people, who have done even more great things??! I'm sorry clever…you are way to obsessed with the kardashions, however you spell it.

  • ali mc

    Courage award? What about the men and women who have died for this country. What about the ones who have lost limbs, abilities, and even been paralyzed. Does anyone see where this country is going?

  • Alien Grey

    He just looks like a man in a dress and makeup. He moves like a man is has a manly build. You can't go from being the world's greatest male athlete to being a woman. It just ain't workin. He also still sounds exactly the ame as he did before. Sorry, but I cannot refer to "Caitlyn" as her. It's just silly.

  • Oline Johansen

    She is amazing for encouraging the school system to teach kids that it's okay to be different, and everybody gets confused, and you can't control love, knowing these things can maybe make children less hateful towards people that are different because they now know what it is and they know it's okay.