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  • Gary Whelan

    Is it the new hipster thing to an advocate of Caitlyn? She's brave, courageous etc. Lot of you people upon seeing a man walking around your local town in a dress would be freaked out. Now it's good tho?

    I'm a very open and accepting person but am still unsure about this situation. I mean this is still a man with a dick and a voice like Barry White. Where does this pc stuff all stop? If a guy says he's really a monkey in a humans body and begins living that way do we all support that also? Trans-species. I'm all for people living how they want in private etc this all seems a little forced tho.

    As I said I'm unsure what to think so don't start jumping down my throat, just an honest feeling.

  • George Samuels

    Can't wait for the show. Not because she's brave or beautiful etc which she is. I'm just noisy about how the family acts around Caitlyn

  • Irvin Alberto

    You are disgusting!!!!!!! Animal. …. All you gays are disgusting. You will all burn in hell!!!!!!!ยก!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lauren Jewel

    She is honestly one of the bravest people in society today. I'm so happy for her and what she's doing, and I wish the best for her.

  • J RD (JRD)

    It is so obvious he is only doing this for the money. I wonder how much they paid him because I remember an ep on Kardashians when he was talking about how he likes to spend money. He sold his soul to the devil.