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    All the anti-Harper people are fools. Look at the economic shit Trudeau and Mulcair will do if elected. And those are just promises. Look, even IF you don't like the guy, it's better the devil you know than the devils you don't… Vote wisely on the 19th…

  • 1MuchButteR1

    Why was that small part of Western Canada part of UK up to world war II… Never really researched it.. just saw it on a few historical maps.

  • Anna Liddell

    Canadian Elections: What you need to know (if you aren't Canadian).

    It's none of your business.

    That's all you need to know (if you aren't Canadian).

    Citizens of other countries need to learn about their own politics. Not the politics of other countries.

    I believe in sovereignty for all nations. Internal affairs must be respected as being internal affairs.

  • Hubbledecker

    Canada is not in political union with it's neighbours …. according to the BBC( part funded by the EU) and other Pro EU sources Canada should be isolated and alone in the world, it' health service and its economy should be on its knees because it doesn't have open borders, the Canadian people must all be bigots, racists and xenophobes because they control immigration and don't let a foreign parliament make the majority of their laws. Well isn't that what the BBC and pro EU political class tells us we are when we when we want a similar relationship to our neighbours as Canada has with hers? The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

  • TheChinaWatcher

    "Stasi" Steve, Prime Minister of Canada and the leader of the CONServatives (not a typo) says the workup to the election is the longest in history because there are so many things to discuss. Unfortunately none of the candidates running as Conservative hopefuls appear to have gotten the message. At each of the community debates they are always represented by an empty chair as they never attend.
    The media is very tightly controlled by him and are "invitation only" events. Even those invited are allowed to submit 3 questions each which are vetted and then he picks only one that he will answer. He has injected copious amounts of fear into the campaign spending a great deal of time talking about the wearing of niqabs at Citizenship ceremonies and telling the various ethnic communities in the native language newspapers that if they vote for the Liberals drugs and brothels will be legalized and in their neighborhoods. This, literally, is the strategy he is taking it and he defends it publically.
    He brought in a political consultant Lynton Crosby who is also known as the "Lizard of Oz" who is an Aussie based out of the UK famous for his sleazy approach to politics. The Lizard now appears to have disassociated himself from Harper's campaign. How much worse can it get? Should he be re-elected there will be many Canadians attempting to sign on for the one way trip to Mars.

  • Terncote

    The only thing you need to know is that Stephen Harper has been kicked to the curb to languish in the gutter where he deserves to be. Anti-science, anti-liberty anti-future – the money grubbing worm is gone and good riddance.

  • KICK in the EYE

    Here's how we feel about the current state of affairs and the Canadian election. We wrote about it in a song. Please check out our music video: Would You Call This Progress by Kick in the Eye

  • Dominic Champagne

    To obtain majority it's 155 no? And you forgot to speak about the biggest party in Québec, formed by separatist, the Bloc Québécois that will have at least a quater of the vote in Québec. You didn't show the green party needer. Many people vote's green in Canada.

  • James Valderaz

    Hey BBC, Why don't you air your own country's comings and goings? Seems like your all about some USA, SYRIA, and CANADIAN problems as if the U.K doesn't have it's own headlines! Everything must be euphoric in Jolly ol England.