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  • andy le

    Jeeze….how drunk you gotta be to drive into a crowd of people? A PARADE CROWD OF PEOPLE.

    I get a few swerves but a crowd of people…damn.

  • Cee Dee

    And alcohol is a socially acceptable drug and cannabis is a schedule I substance. How often do we hear of people under the influence of cannabis killing people while using a motor vehicle? How often do we hear of drunk drivers killing people? But you can buy alcohol a stones throw away of nearly any direction. Perhaps if people had an alternative selection of "socially acceptable" recreational substances, idk, say CANNABIS, they would rationalize their level of intoxication and the risks associated of driving a motor vehicle under the influence of said substance. Perhaps.

  • Lewmew22

    Justice must be occasioned. Her sentencing should be televised so that people can see her be put into chains and led to the cage she belongs in, what a selfish stupid woman!

  • Chris “MAD DRAGON” Vaughn

    white privilege for this bitch is already kicking in…now they are saying she was mentally ill….and trying to understand what went wrong…what difference does it make some parent is arranging a funeral for a two year old while this crack whore sobers up in a county jail…

  • Reggie Real

    I'm wondering if any of the people that want to infringe on people's right to have guns, will call this incident ALCOHOL VIOLENCE. Every time there's an incident involving a gun, it's immediately labeled GUN VIOLENCE, which make know sense. If I locked a gun in a cabinet for 20 years, it will remain there for 20 years, unless someone moves it. Human violence is more appropriate. Ironically however, when an issue like this happen involving alcohol, there's never a conversation to ban alcohol. Even though, there are as many death from alcohol, as there are from guns. I don't get it.

  • rootbeer33

    What are we going to do about this car violence madness? No one needs an assault car! Any car that can go zero to 60 in less than 10 seconds should be deemed an assault car & banned! If we can just save one life, it's worth it… Sound familiar???

  • ME M III

    car accident? accident? lol. it's a crash. stupid reporter.

    these crimes were intentional.

    she intentionally drank. allegedly…

    she intentionally got into that car.

    she intentionally started the ignition.

    she intentionally drove.