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  • Pretty Jay

    I'm surprised Molina didn't pull out a switch blade, it would've been fitting considering his ghetto upbringing.

  • Matt Cook

    Announcers act like they have no clue what set off Molina.. Totally normal for a guy to walk up and tap the catcher on the pads with the bat. Lucky Molina didn't knock him in his stupid mouth then.

  • Adam Moreira

    The Cards needed to plunk Johnny Cueto in the back with a fastball on the next bat, even if it meant that the pitcher got suspended. This probably would have happened if the Cards' starter wasn't a rookie. LaRue's quality of life was ruined for a long time by the Cueto kick.

  • Patrick Milton (GoldenKnife716)

    Anyone who says this is the cardinals fault is just ridiculous I mean you never hit a catchers shin guards and most people hate the cardinals because they're good even though they dont spend a lot like most other teams

  • Jason Scott

    What does Reds/fans wish they had? A catcher with 7 straight Gold gloves andOne of the most successful franchises in baseball history, the Cardinals have won 11 World Series championships – second only to the New York Yankees' 27 championships – 19 National League pennants, and 12 division titles. While still in the AA, St. Louis won four league championships, qualifying them to play in a forerunner of the World Series. All you haters out there keep hatin' on the Cardinals you're just jealous.

  • Carlow Doyle

    Because of this fight, my neighbor and former cardinals catcher, LaRue is no longer playing because he got kicked in the head by a Reds player

  • Matt Crider

    The best part of this whole this is Jeff Suppan crawling out of the scrum on his hands and knees. So funny!

  • Clarence Aaron Jones

    Even though I hate basketball, I think MLB should take a hint from the NBA. In the NBA; if a fight breaks out on the court, all players on the bench that gets involved will be suspended. If MLB had the same policy, these brawls would be smaller, more manageable, and end with fewer injuries. And in this case, Jason LaRue's career wouldn't have been cut short.

  • pegasus nipples

    To all the reds fans who thought cueto was a "hero" may I remind you the only person he/ the reds hurt was jason Larue aka the man who was drafted and played 5 years with the reds …. Good job assclowns

  • Andrew Olding

    The description says this fight started because of Phillips. I thought it started because Molina decided to be a bitch.

  • ryan james

    Cueto should have been kicked out of the Majors. That stupid Spic ended a career – it's only right he shouldn't play as well.

  • Nick Scott

    Yadi was telling Phillips to take his damn practice swings in the leadoff circle. He was calling him out for showboating and wasting time in the batters box.